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Yoo Seung Ho Holds Autograph Session for Army Festival
Currently serving in the Division 27 Recruit Training Center as an assistant military instructor, actor Yoo Seung Ho recently made his first public appearance at an event for his division’s 60th anniversary. Yoo Seung Ho held an autograph session at the “Let’s Win Festival” on October 26 in Hwacheon District of Gangwon Province. The festival was a collaborative event between his 27th Infantry Division “Let’s Win” and Hwacheon District. Yoo Seung Ho quietly entered the army in March earlier this year and has been focusing on his duties since. Therefore, he attracted a fair amount of attention as this is his first public appearance since he started his military service. The autograph session was originally planned for one hour, but hundreds of people came, from local residents to fans, and the event was stretched to an approximately two hour affair. His Korean fans, as well as his fans from Japan and China, also made the trip to Hwacheon District to see him. Yoo Seung Ho’s appearance brightened the atmosphere as he accepted signing requests from fans, which allowed them to meet “actor Yoo Seung Ho” rather than “Private Yoo Seung Ho.” The actor greeted and thanked them, saying, “I am standing in front of all of you for the first time since I entered the army. Thank you to all the fans who have come so far to meet me today. I will do my best to sign as many autographs as is possible.” Yoo Seung Ho recently appeared in a public promotional advertisement for the army, looking manly in uniform.
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