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Black Lace
(A Kim and Cha Cha OneShot)

The room was dimly lit by the flickering of the candles that were places all over the room. The elegance of the candles light bouncing off the walls in this room filled with black and red everything. Covered in my black silk robe, I could make out the outline of a man sitting at the edge of the bed. The beauty of his chocolate skin banding with the light of the candle. His tall muscular structure looking so strong and and mighty, while his arms looked like muscular mountains that had not been conquered yet. His veins that were popping out so effortlessly, looked like rivers that were flowing upwards towards those mountains. I walked closer to him, as the silk robe slid right off my body revealing the black lace lingerie set that I was wearing, and walked towards this statuesque looking man who, who had on a red silk blindfold. The mood wouldn’t be set without a little music playing softly in the background. I should say with a little “Turn off the Phone Remix” playing in the backdrop, expressing my deepest desires and what I wanted to happen tonight.

“Is that you baby?” he said as I walked closer and closer to him.
“Mmm, yes it is.”

A smile spread across those beautiful seductive lips of his. Finally reaching him at the foot of the bed, I lingered just inches away from his touch, as he readjusted himself into position. I knew what he was waiting for, but it wasn’t going to be that easy. Allowing our knees to meet, I parted his legs using mine so that I may be able to slip right in between him. Not being able to see anything, he engaged his other senses to determine what would happen next. My sweet smelling perfume mixed with the scent of his strong but yet subtle smelling cologne would make anyone within a 10 foot distance come abound. I stood in between his legs and watched as his fingers reached out for me but only being a few inches away from where my thighs were. He slowly took a finger and began to run his hands up my legs feeling the softness of my skin against the soft tips of his fingers.

I bit my bottom lip as his hands found their way to my stomach, where he settled both hands on either side of my waist holding me there as he moved his head forward. Leaving small pecks along my abdomen, first starting below my navel where he knew I tended to get a little sensitive. He circled his way around my abdomen and then moved down to my v-line, stopping right above the top of my black lace panties. The beautiful set that he had bought me which I had never worn until now. His fingers traced the design of the panties from the back squeezing my ass tight and then moving them forward to where my entrance was at.

“So I see you’re finally wearing the gift that I bought you. I was wondering what happened to it.” he said with a chuckle.
“Well, I wanted to wear it on a special night. And tonight, well, it most definitely the perfect night!” I said half laughing.

He nodded his head in agreement and kissed the lace at the top, then he moved to the side and finally kissed down the center, right where my entrance was at. I took in a deep breath from feeling the warmth seeping from his lips as he parted them to kiss me, making me a little wet. He could sense that I was beginning to drip just a little just from his touches. He smiled against my underwear and then moved from that spot down to my thighs. Kissing every inch of them as he grabbed and squeezed my ass, pulling me forward little by little.

The feeling and the vibe that the room was giving, besides just enjoying his touch, was sending me to another world entirely. I placed my hands on his head as he moved towards the inside of my thighs. The second most sensitive part of my body and the one part that could drive me insane. He teased me with some biting on the inside of my thigh, making me moan and lick my lips.

He got to the bottom of my entrance and I could feel him pause. He was contemplating but I knew he wanted to do it. And he did. He let his tongue loose and it glided along the outside of my lace panties making them wet. I pushed his head back.

“Naughty, naughty boy. What do you think you’re doing?”
“Come on baby, I can’t wait to see you. I wanna see what you look like in that outfit.” he said with that priceless smile of his.
“Oh, you will babe. Don’t worry. But it’s my time to take care of you.”

Getting as close as I could possibly get to him, I wrapped my arms around his neck and brought my lips down to meet his. Seductive yet sweet was the kiss, while our lips just melted right on top of each other’s. Slowly moving, I pulled away and rubbed my lips up against his and then ran my tongue along his bottom lip. Moving his head to the side, I nibbled at his ear which was the one spot he hated the most since it was his most sensitive. I trailed my lips down his long slender and smooth neck, leaving my scent and marking his neck lightly with. I could feel him swallow with every bite I took and the further I went down his neck. I grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head exposing and endless supply of chocolate. His abs were fortified steel walls with a small river allowed access to each side and entrance. I ran my fingers slowly up his abdomen, encompassing it all. Cha Cha was mine. All mine.

A light touch of my fingers against his sizzling hot skin, made him stir with emotion. His nipples beginning to become hard from the sensation. His member getting harder with every touch. I spun a little so my ass was facing him and I moved back just a little, and as I did I danced seductively against his member with my ass to one of my favorite parts of the song

Elo’s Lyrics:
Amudo banghaehal su eopsge yeah
Illuwa baro nae yeope right now
Kissin and huggin and we fuckin
Nae heoriga bureojil ttaekkaji
Turn off your damn phone right now

I bami gipeojilsurok uri saegeun deo jiteojine
Babay come to daddy urin michyeogaji yeah
So we need sex, sex therapy

He was smiling and singing along with the lyrics as I did this. And the lower I dipped my body, I could feel his member get a little harder. This was his favorite part of the song. But my part was soon coming up. I had to give him a little tease before he could have the full course. It was the one thing he always hated and it drove him insane, but I loved it. After his part finished, I did what I had been waiting to do.

Jay’s Lyrics:
I be like hol' up wait a minute girl
Eodiga neomu chyeodabwaseo mianhae
Geunde nega neomu seksihaeseo nuneul ttel suga eopseo
Got Damn bogo sipeo
Neoui mommommommae mommommommae
Neoui mommommommae mommommommae
Neoui mommommommae
So baby jeonhwagireul kkeonwa

As soon as I heard the lyrics I turned around in between his legs with his hands still on my hips and leaned back. Popping back up quickly, I did a little jump so he would get the hint to lift me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist and pushed him back onto the bed while taking off his blindfold all at the same time.

“Damn baby girl! Where did you learn to do that?”
“I have my ways.” I said with a smile.
“By the way, I love the way this looks on you.”
“Haha yea I know.”

He laughed softly as his hand caressed the side of my cheek. I came down hard on his lips and kissed him like he had never been kissed before. His hands instinctively moved to my ass and he kissed me harder. I moved my hand down to his hard member and began massaging it. I loved how hard he could get with just a little excitement such as blindfolding.

My heart was beating so hard in my chest, from all the excitement. The soft hands of his found there way to my back and unsnapped the bra allowing my breasts to finally roam free. More than anything in the world, he was a man who loved playing with my breasts. He massaged one as he took the other in his mouth and began sucking on it. Rolling his tongue all over my nipple, wetting it and then taking his mouth off so the cold air could heat it making it harder and harder each time. I loved the way his mouth caressed my breasts. I let my head roll to the side from the sensation he was providing. As he his mouth moved, I rolled my hips on his waist into a slow grind. He rolled his hips with mine until they were in sync.

I stopped moving my hips and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers in one swift move. I started kissing him from the neck down to his abs. Leaving a trail until, I got to his member. I kissed all down his member, and then I licked one side of him as I looked up and peered into those deep set of chocolate brown eyes. Then I licked the other side and watched his face scrunch up in pure pleasure as a moan escaped his lips. The more I licked the further up I went and then I put all of him in my mouth. Going all the way to the top of his hard member and down to the tip, making a popping noise each time I came off it.

He was pulsing and I could feel him throbbing and shaking. I moved faster and faster forcing him to lose focus and he grabbed my head to go with the rhythm. Before he could come, I pulled off him with one last ‘popping’ sound and kissed him on his lips letting him taste himself.

He flipped me over so that he could be on top and he took over my body completely. He kissed me harder but with so much more passion. He positioned himself right in between my legs and his hands roamed its way up the side of my legs to the bottom of my panties. He pulled them off without any hesitation. He used his free hand to start playing with my entrance. In one circular motion, then he would change the tempo and go fast then slow. Giving me more sensation than I could handle. He never played fair.

“Awww, fuck Cha Cha.”
“Oh no. Don’t you even think about it. I’m not close to even giving you what you want.”

Positioning both of my legs better on either side of him, he moved his hand in an up and down motion. The fire within my stomach burned brighter than the shadows of the flames from the candle. With me deep inside my head, he stuck his finger inside of me without any warning. Long and soft just like his member, he pushed in and then came out. My back lifted off the bed allowing him even more leverage and easier access to hit my spot. Deeper he sent his finger in then finally adding a second one. He went deep and slow, twisting and turning his finger in different directions. Grabbing at the sheets and squeezing them so tight. Wetter and wetter I was getting.

“Babe, I think I’m gonna…”
“Oh no you’re not.”

He took his fingers out of me and, licked his fingers of my juices and gave me some as well. While his fingers were in my mouth, he rammed his cock into me, making me scream. Fuck he was hot and throbbing, and I could sense every inch of his cock against my walls. He moved nice and slow, so I could feel him enticing my walls with a good time. As he thrusted, I moved along with him. Keeping my legs wrapped around his waist. With every thrust, I could feel his muscles twitch and move beneath my hands. His arm muscles flexed, his back muscles became harder and it turned me on even more.

“Fuck. That feels good!”

He would ride me slow and then go fast only to end up going mid tempo. He knew how much this drove me crazy and he used it to his advantage. In one swift moment he lifted my leg and placed it on his shoulders so he could deeper inside. The sound of skin slapping against each other. Our moans eventually drowning out the music in the background creating our own. The shadows of our bodies mimicking us on the walls against the flame of the candle. Dizziness and a high I had never felt before clouded my mind. Beads of sweat forming heavily now on his brow and his arms. The windows becoming steamy and invisible beneath the fog.

“Oh shit.. Yes Cha Cha. Harder.”
“Mmmmm yea!”

His deep groans and grunts sent my ovaries into overload. There were so many sensations and emotions. But then I felt this emptiness as he pulled out but only to flip me over and he entered from the back. I laid back into him while he went hard. I fondled my own breasts while his hand played with my clit over stimulating the already sensitive nub. He moved his hand so fast on my clit that I almost thought I was going to lose my mind. He kissed me on the lips from behind, while he continued fucking me from behind and the front. He was losing his rhythm, as was I and I knew it was only a matter of time before we came.

Lost in the midst of our love making, he started to thrust harder and deeper and faster until finally

“Shit, baby I’m gonna cum!”
“Me too, let’s cum together!”

And with that we finally came, all at the same time as he sprayed my insides with his seed. It felt so good to feel the warmth of him inside of me. And I moaned out his name. We rode out or high as he continued to play with my clit, and sticking his finger inside of me to help me finish. Collapsing on top of the bed, I look at the window only to see fog encompassing the whole window and the flames from the candle dancing in joy at the excitement that they just witnessed.

“Fuck babe… I’m so sleepy now.”
“Good baby girl. I had to wear you out. You had too much fun tonight. I had to get back at you.”
“Aww you mean because of the black lace underwear?” I said wiggling my eyebrows.
“Yea… You know how much I love seeing you in black and on top of that lace drives me wild.”
“Yea I know. But that’s why I waited for the right moment!”
“Well I’m glad you did. I love you Kim.”
“I love you too Cha Cha.”

We made out passionately, while holding onto each other and cuddling. I laid my head on his bare chest and drifted off into a beautiful wonderland.
Well My Lovelies….. I hope you all enjoyed this oneshot of Cha Cha. I wanted to try a little something different with him. I hope you all enjoyed it. Thank you soo much for reading it. Much Love

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