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This week we are all dedicated to to our lovely waifus who rule from the throne, yes, this weeks theme is all about the beautiful princesses of anime!
I present to you, The Gloomy Melancholic Princess, Lenessia Erharte Cowen! (Rayneshia El-Arte Corwen) Depending how you want to spell it.
She is the Princess of Eastal and the Ambassadress of the Eastal League of Free Cities to Akihabara. As you can see her beauty is unrivaled in her kingdom.
She's elegant, kind, beautiful and just so damn kawaii!!
I am still waiting for the Galactic Idol Group Tetnessia to apear!!
And did I mention that she is extremely lazy and just wants to sleep all day! Yup shes 100% perfect!!

what anime??
@MarcusCollins from Log Horizon, its my favorite anime over all others!
I ship her and Krusty so much! :D Can't wait for the next season!
@ScientificNinja freaking yes!! and sadly im not so sure their will be a third season :/