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'More Than Friendship...' by farleythewill, Chapter 3

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Chapter Summary:
After hearing Jaehee's proposal to have you move in with her, you notice that there are fewer guests in the room. Eventually, all that are left are the members of the RFA, and a meeting takes place. Jumin shares some disturbing news to everyone, which shoots emotions into everyone, especially Yoosung. You do your best to keep everyone in check, while also showing some of your own emotions, in which Jaehee is pleased to see, getting to know your better.

More Than Friendship...

by farleythewill

Chapter 3: The Meeting...

You begin to cry again, as if your life has been given back to you. "I would love that...but, wouldn't I be bothering you if I...just waltzed into your house like that?" Your partner smiled, and shook her head. "No. I wouldn't be bothered. I have a guest bedroom, which no one uses. It...might actually be fun to have someone live with me. It's so cold and empty in there, but...I'm sure that having the most important person in my world live with me will liven things up. That, and we'd be able to figure out each others lifestyles, and find a proper house that will work for the both of us."

    "You...you thought this through, didn't you, Jaehee," you ask, smiling playfully. Jaehee beamed happily from your response. "Heh, yeah, you got me there...when I said I wanted to be with you forever, of course I wanted us to move in together, eventually. I was just unaware that you didn't have a place of your own. So, I figured...why not now?" You blush, thinking about actually moving into her love's house. "Yeah...I was kind of shocked that neither Seven nor V brought that up...oh! The party!" You look around, panicking, noticing that there are fewer people in the room. "Oh my god...did we miss the entire party?!?"

    Jaehee smiled, and patted you on the head. "It's okay. I know you already introduced yourself to all of the party guests, so your work was done. Because of our...scene...Jumin said that he would take it upon himself to make good connections with all of the guests. He can be cold, but he does have a kind heart. He knew that both of us would be extremely emotional, so he didn't want that to hamper any kind of connections he could have made with his company." You look at Jumin, with his cold, serious face, conversing with the last of the guests. "Wow...he really is something, isn't he?" Jaehee nods in agreement.

    As Jumin escorts the last of the guests out, the only remaining people in the room were the six members of the RFA. Jumin cleared his throat, and yelled out, "Attention, everyone in the RFA! Please, proceed to the green room in the back. We will hold a meeting in there." As swift as his words were, he quickly turned, and walked towards the back hallway. You and Jaehee stand up from your table, and head towards the same hallway, followed by Zen, his face red with lipstick, then Seven and Yoosung.

    As everyone enters the room, each take a seat at the round table in the middle of the room. "Thank you, everyone, for attending this party. First, I would like to make a proper introduction of our newest member," Jumin states, in a calm, rested manner. Jaehee stands up, looking at Jumin. "If you don't mind, Jumin, I would like to do the introduction," she asks, using her relaxed tone, instead of her tense, work-related tone. Jumin smiles, and closing his eyes. "Usually, I introduce everyone, but in this special occasion...of course, Ms. Kang. You may." She smiles back, and looks into the eyes of each member, including Yoosung's excited expression, Zen's admirable looks, and Seven's rather serious state.

    "As Mr. Han has stated, thank you everyone for attending and helping out with the party arrangements. We had a small, astounding amount of guests. According to the guest book, we had 22 guests, each with their own charm, importance in the world, and incredible culture. None of this would have happened if it weren't our new member. Please, let us welcome her...would you please stand up?" Jaehee extends her hand towards you. You blush, and take her hand, using it to stand herself up. "Um...hello, everyone. Thank you for letting me participate in your association. I know I have only known you all for a little over a week, and never got to meet you all face-to-face until now, but it feels like I have known you all forever."

    "Well, you've only known us for 11 days, but you've seem to have known Jaehee all your life," Seven states, with a strong, serious look. You tilt your head, admiring this new look of Seven that you never have thought of seeing. "It's only because we felt a strong connection towards each other at the get-go. You do not need to get jealous, Luciel," Jaehee states, laughing. "You may sit down now," Jumin states, as you sit back down, next to Jaehee. "As Ms. Kang stated, if it wasn't for her help, we wouldn't have had another party like this. I am very grateful for her participation...but we still have to think about the events that have led to this. Luciel?"

    Seven sighs, and stands up, stretching. "God, sitting there just ached my muscles...hmm, now where to begin...well, there have been no other trace of that group, 'Mint Eye.' I have tried as hard as I could to find out where they went, but alas...no news. And no news...," he then gives everyone a huge thumbs-up, smiling from ear to ear, "is good news! I mean, V hasn't given me any orders since yesterday, so it's all good~"

    Jumin looks up at the energetic redhead. "Well, at least it seems like he talked to me, instead of you, Luciel." Seven froze, then put back his serious face. "Oh? Did the mighty V give insight onto the mighty Jumin?" Jumin nodded, then grit his teeth, slamming his fist down onto the table, startling everyone. "Jumin...is everything okay," you ask, worried. The dark-haired man regained his composure, relaxing his hand. "V...came to my place last night. He asked me...to take over the RFA."

    A silence filled the room. Quiet, as if nothing existed. "What...what do you mean!?" Seven yelled out. "Why did V tell you that? What else did he say?!" Everyone stared at Seven, his shocked face revealing his frustration. Zen then looks towards Jumin, who's eyes locked onto the others. "I would like to know as well, Jumin. It's...not like V to just hand over what he has created with Rika. Why did he make that decision?" Jumin sighed, closed his eyes, and tilted his head down. "V...he told me...that he had terminal cancer."

    Yoosung's eyes widened, slamming his palms against the table. "Cancer?! Is that...what he's been hiding? No...no...he can't go! He can't go and see Rika! Not before me!" His eyes teared up instantly, and began to cry. "Yoosung...don't cry," you softly said, tearing up as well. She looked over at Jaehee, who was tearing up as well. "No...not V...he can't go...he can't leave the RFA..." she said, full of sorrow.

    "Enough!" Jumin's voice was enough to bring everyone back to reality. "Everyone, there is no need to be sad. I am about sixty-five percent sure that V lied to me about that." He said, clentching his fist again. "I refuse to believe that V suddenly has cancer...but he did wish for me to take over, and I accepted...under one condition."

    Everyone looked up, waiting in anticipation of Jumin's next words. "...I said I would do it, as long as he got his eye surgery." You tilt her head, in confusion. "Wait, eye surgery?" Jumin turned to you, with his blank stare. "Yes. I thought we told you. If we didn't, I apologize. His vision was going out. He lost sight of one eye, and was losing sight in the other. Because of this, he cannot take anymore pictures professionally." You then look at everyone, noticing a serious tone to their eyes, including Jaehee. "Well, a lot has happened the last couple of days. If you told me, I must have forgot," you let out. Zen smiles, looking at the you. "It's ok. We never knew the details, but I do remember seeing V with bandages on his eyes in the past. I had an accident one day while rehearsing, and we ended up being in same hospital. But...the main thing we have to hope for is...that V does not have cancer."

    The group nods in agreement, then turn their gaze back towards Jumin. "I hope so too, Hyun. Now, like I said, I would only take over the RFA if he agreed to getting surgery. It took awhile to convince him...but he finally agreed to it." Everyone sighed in relief, followed by Yoosung's youthful voice. "But, that doesn't really make sense. I mean, I'm happy that he's going to do it...but if he has cancer...wouldn't that be pointless?"

    Jumin shook his head. "I do not think so. Truth be told, I came up with that condition to see if he was telling the truth about the cancer or not. He did tell me that it was pointless, but he finally decided to do so...but..." The room became quiet as he trailed off. "...last night, he also told me...that he wanted to vanish, and go where Rika is." Yoosung became teary eyed again, hearing his cousin's name, then stands up, slamming his hands against the table. "But...but...if he actually has cancer..." You instantly stand up, walk over to Yoosung, and embrace him, soothing his back. "It's okay, Yoosung...it's okay to be upset. We all are..." Jaehee smiles softly, watching you perform what you have done to her the past seven days: comforting her.

    "T-thank you...seriously...thank you..." Yoosung wraps his arms around her, holding her tight. "I don't know why, but I keep thinking of how similar you two are..." you then loosen your grip, then takes his arms, and pulls them to his side. "Silly...you know that I'm not her. We keep telling you this." Zen shakes his head, looking at the blonde youth. "We all feel sad, Yoosung, but she can't fill the void that's in your soul. She's already filled Jaehee's." He turns his gaze to Jaehee, who is slightly blushing, then smiles. "Isn't that right?"

    The short-haired brunette looked down, closing her eyes, smilng a bit more. "Yes, that's correct. I'm sorry, Yoosung...but I can't let you have her." Yoosung wipes away his tears, then laughs. "I know, I know...I just still get so sad...especially with this news." He sits down, as you return to your seat, smiling at your partner.

    "Now since that's out of the way," Jumin says, "let's go to the next order of business. About the next party...I do not know when we can have it. In truth, it all depends on two people. He fixes his gaze to you and Jaehee, which catches you two by surprise. "You said that you want to open a small business, correct?" Jumin asks, waiting patiently for an answer. Jaehee turned to you, and smiled back at you. "Yes, that is correct. I want to open a business, and I will have the company of this one with me as partners." Seven then stands up, pointing at them. "I knew it! You two are partners!!! This calls for a celebration! Jumin, get the wine! I'll get the Ph. D Pepper!!!"

    Both women blush from Seven's accusation, then you stand up, yelling, "You can't just say that out loud, Seven! It's disrespectable! Besides..." you then began to breathe easier, calming yourself down. "...we're partners in the business sense." Jaehee looks up at you, never have seen you act angry. As shocked as she was, she couldn't help but smile, seeing another side of her partner. Zen looked at you, then reaches down, grabbing a bottle of soda, placing it on the table, then winks at you, giving her a thumbs-up. You take notice, and smile back, nodding slightly. Seven then looks at the bottle, and starts to yell again, "What the hell, Zen! You can't just grab someone's bottle of Ph. D Pepper! Crap! Now it's tainted by the touch of a narcissist!"

    Zen stands up, and smacks Seven in the back of the head. "Settle down, you. Besides, that bottle's almost empty. All that was tainted was the air inside it." As Seven begins to cradle the bottle, crying softly, Jumin continues his statement. "As I was saying, because of this business they are opening up, it would be troublesome to try to arrange a party. Ms. Kang, how long do you think you need to start up the business?" Jaehee looks down, thinking. "I...I don't know. We still need to figure out what to do." Yoosung then beams up, smiling. "Why not open up a cafe? I know you love coffee, Jaehee! It'll be perfect!" You then look at Jaehee, who is contemplating the idea. "Hmm...well, it's something that both of us will discuss. But, for now, Mr. Han, we don't have a concrete plan."

    Jumin nods coldly. "Hmph. I would think you would know what you want to do...but I understand. I did say that I would help you if it's appropriate. I will be able to give you a small loan to get it started. Just let me know your plans, and I will see that it works out." Both you and Jaehee smile from ear to ear, looking at each other. "Did you hear that? We got the first start of our lives!" You close your eyes, laughing. "Yep! Thank you, Jumin! I knew you had a conscience." Jumin sighed. "As long as I think it will be good for business, yes. You are welcome." He then looks up around the table. "That is all the news I have. Is there anything else anyone wants to say?" Yoosung shakes his head, followed by Zen, then Seven, who is still crying over the bottle. The two women shake their heads as well, still beaming with excitement. "Then I call this meeting to a close. Thank you everyone once again for joining. I'll see to the maintenance crew to get the party hall cleaned up, so no one needs to help," Jumin closed the statement, letting out a long sigh.

    Yoosung stands up, smiling, looking towards you. "I know I got sad there for a bit, but in all honesty, I still feel glad that you're with us. Thank you for being with everyone, especially Jaehee. She really has changed because of you." He then waves off the group, and walks towards the exit. "Now I just have to log-in to LOLOL, and let everyone know in my guild that I'm back! We have a raid to tackle tonight! Wish me luck!" You smile, waving back at him, "Good luck, Yoosung!"

    Zen stands up as well, grabbing Seven by the collar, and dragged him across the carpet, his grip still clinging to the bottle. "My...my precious baby...why...why did you have to go through that? He didn't have to touch you like that...but I'm still here..." Seven cries out. Zen sighs again, looking back at the two women. "Again, it was nice meeting you. I'm sure Seven feels the same way, even though he almost spun you to oblivion. We'll chat more...oh, don't forget." You smile back, tilting your head. "Don't worry, Zen I won't. Thank you!" As Zen winks again at the two women, he continues to drag the lifeless Seven out of the room.

    Jumin stands up, adjusting his tie. "I'll take my leave as well. Please, get into contact with me as soon as you can about what you wish to do, Ms. Kang. And again," his gaze moves to your eyes,"...welcome to the RFA," Smiling, he turns and walks out to the party hall. Jaehee smiles, then looks down at you. "Well, this is officially the first moment of our lives together. What do you want to do now?" You softly smile back, then wrap your arms around her waist, hugging her tightly. "Cherish it. You kept saying that you couldn't wait to see me, but...it's felt like an eternity waiting to see you. Let's...just enjoy this moment." Jaehee blushes a bit, and returns the embrace.

    "I do mean it. I won't let you go. You're the only person I want by my side. No man, woman, or being can replace you."

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