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due to language, graphic and 'sensual' content and violence
Reader & Loco

When Sober, he as sweet as a puppy, but when Drunk He's a true thug... You as one of the best cat burglars get caught when he's a Drunken Thug. Oh the things he does to you, the threats he makes come true. Makes you work for him, but only when he drunk. He ignores you when sober, in fear you will use his sober state as an escape.

~(Y/N POV)~
I came to the hospital to see my sister, Dawn, before her next treatment. When I got to her room, and she wasn't in her room. "Oh, Y/N, your sister is actually already gone to her treatment." I sighed heavily before leaving the gift bag on the bed. I then noticed a puppy pushie on the pillows.


She turn around to look at me as I pointed out the stuff animal. "Who gave that to my sister?" She looked confused as she came into sight range to see it. "Oh, the rapper Loco from AOMG came today and gave that to her." I just bit my lip as my rage started to elevate.

"Thank you."

I gave her a soft smile, before I walk away. I couldn't believe he dared to visit my sister. After I told him that I didn't want him near my sister. I walked out of the hospital and hail a cab, to go towards AOMG. My rage was blinding me as I got out the car and storm into the building.

I push through the door to the lounge, nearly shattering it. Everyone jumped and looked at me. Loco was sitting on the bar, when I may I way over to him, and slap him hard across the face. "I told you to stay the fuck away from her! Who the fuck gave your punk ass permission to go see her!"

He touched his face as he looked at, like I was the crazy one. "You stay the fuck away from my baby sister... Or imma show your wanna be gangsta ass what a real bad bitch will do to protect her own." I pointed my finger in his face, as I noticed the switch in his eyes. Loco went from calm and cool to calm and enraged.

"Bad bitch?! Aren't you the one that lied to my dongsaeng, saying you were the one that was sick." He pointed his finger in my face this time. "It wasn't you that was sick, it was your little sister, Dawn, with Cancer." I gritted my teeth as he called me out on my shit.

"You're one to fucking talk. I'm not the only one fucking here that's been lying. You fucking hypocrite."

I crossed my arms, as I knew he couldn't come back at me. Without exposing who he really was in the shadows. Loco closed his eyes and took a deep breath, before grabbing my arm. "Yah! Don't you dare touch me!" I try to pull free, but his grip was stronger than me.

He dragged me with him towards the elevator, pushes me into the elevator. I nearly trip when he came in and closed the door. He pin me to the was, whilst making sure I faced him. "You really want to break your contract with me?" He gripped my chin, to force me to look into his eyes.

He lifted his sweater up, to reveal he was carrying his Beretta M9 gun. I just started at him, before his lips crushed against my own. I try to pushing him off of me, but be grabbed my wrist, and pin them to the wall. I bite his lips, earning a smile from him. He got lucky I didn't draw blood from his lip.

"God I love that fire... and I know you like me too."

I squinted at him, before he made me put my arms around his neck. So he could pick me up by my ass, and have my legs wrap around his waist. "I knew your sister was a fan of AOMG. I wanted to give her someone all our fans wanted. She was so happy that I visited it."

He licked his lips the moment I grabbed a handful of hair. "Pull it all you want bae. I'm not letting you go this time." I arched an eyebrow, as I felt his hand squeezing my ass. "I couldn't stop you last time... but not this time."

Loco crush his lips against mine, as I felt his hips grinding against mine. I felt a sensation is desire rolling down my spine, as he slip his tongue inside of my mouth. He was going to war with mine, and had no second thoughts of retreating. I couldn't resist him anymore, as my hand moved from his hair, to his shirt. I bunched it up in my hand, as it slowly lifted up.

He put me down and broke away, to shut down the elevator. I could see the lust burning in his eyes. "Tell me now to stop cause once I'm started I won't stop even if you scream no." I couldn't help but smirk and giggle. "Like that ever matter before?"

He licked his lips, and pulled off his sweater shirt. He storm over to me, to pin me to the wall again, and start a lip locking match with me. My hunger for him was taking over, making me feel like the world was slowing down. Before I could even recall anything, our clothes we flying off, and he had my legs around him again. Loco was nipping away at my neck, as his member glided against my heat.

"You're going to hate me after what I do to you."

He whispered into my ear, before I felt all of him entering inside of me. I gasped for air, as I try to think of what he meant. Loco pulled my hair, making my head arch back. His lips attacking along my shoulder, as our hips moved in sync. His free hand rubbed my clit, making me see stars.

I claw at his back, creating a heated growl from deep in the back of his throat. He slapped my ass hard enough to make me bounce on him. "So fucking bad, I love it." He spoke softly as he panted heavily. He thrust his hips with so much force I though I was going to lose my mind.

Loco's grips on my waist became more firm as I reach my climax, before I noticed he was climaxing with me. I was panting heavily, whilst resting my head on shoulders. He lightly slapped my ass, before easing me into standing on my own. When he pulled out, I felt something warm leaving with him. His words clicked inside my head, as I looked up at him in shock.

"I told you that you would hate me when I'm done."

He smirked, whilst his hand touched my cheek. "You weren't wearing a condom! And you... oh my." I covered my mouth with my hand from the shock.

I felt my world around me becoming shaken as I realized Loco purposely impregnated me. He held up my clothes to me as after putting his pants on.

I just beat on his chest, getting a chuckle from him.

Apparently I was in too much shock to use my full strength.

He just held me close to him as I started to shake from an anxiety attack.

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Omg! How can he do that on purpose!
@FromBlue2U @MelissaGarza 😂😂😂😂
read the title again ladies
@royalpandajedi Right!! sorry I was too shock to remember 😂
I did. He still ain't shit though.
Oh FUCK!!!! Pardon my French!!!! He wasn't playing on letting her go!!!!!