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So we all are familiar with ultimate biases and ultimate groups. We all have them. But not all of us are
or get
experience groups where we have 1 bias...and X wreckers. For example:
Infinite. Infinite is not only one of my favorite groups, they're my UB groups. I've been with them since debut back in 2010. I've been there through it all. Dongwoo is bias but with Infinite I have 1 bias and 6 wreckers. They're just one of those groups that you can't help but to love all of the members. I can never keep them in check.
Another group that ranks extremely high on my list is iKon. They're another group I've been with since before debut (WIN) and have gone through the ups and downs with them. Same with Infinite Yonhyeong is bias but the other wreck me so much it's not even funny.
And lastly...Winner. Oh Winner. Another group that also ranks high on my list. Since I was with iKon since WIN I have also been with Winner since then too. So yeah I have also been there with them through it all especially the hard times recently but it makes me feel honored to watch them grow as artists and people. So my bias in Winner is Seunghoon, good god that boy, but just like the other two groups I have 4...well now 3...wreckers. 4 will always be in my heart even if there's 3.
have a lot of very special groups to me but
not gonna list all 10 but
top 3. I could go on
days, weeks, months, even years or even longer about
where th
are on my list
that would take a lifetime and
run out
reasons why. But these 3 hold a very special place in my heart, a place no one else can touch. 💖 Who would you all sa
is your top 3
why if you feel
to hear about them.
show our love for
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For me it's Big Bang, WINNER, and iKON (hence my name, lol) Big Bang especially gives me the warm fuzzies. They are comfortable and feel like home. idk how to really explain it, they just make me feel very sentimental.
lol I think for a lot of us Winner and iKon are in our top 3. As for how you feel about BigBang I totally understand the feeling and know what you mean cause that's how I feel with Infinite.
infinite is become my top group in the span of 2 months... that was just last quarter
Infinite is a very lovable and amazing group of people. They're hard not to love. ☺️💖