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Elo Easter Bunnies

For all my lovely readers of Gangsta Love

after you read the chapter 'Wrath, Lust, and Entrapment'

I would like my readers to choose the direction of the ending.


It will decide how the sequel of Gangsta Love will come along.

Should she have Loco baby or not.

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My Bunnies:

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baby , baby ,baby. honestly I have baby fever you should already know my choice lol 😂😂😂😂
9 months ago·Reply
So I think they should be together, have the baby, take care of her sister, and run the empire.
9 months ago·Reply
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lmaoooooo now you know I don't watch television. I read all the time.
9 months ago
Definitely keep his baby
9 months ago·Reply
yes to the baby
9 months ago·Reply
Can we say marriage and a baby
9 months ago·Reply