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Hey! It's me again. As most of you know, BTS is the first kpop group that was just recently nominated for the Billboard Music Awards. In my last card we were signing a petition for them to be nominated and it's finally happening! It doesn't matter if you don't like BTS or ARMYs, you don't even have to like the music. But voting for BTS for the BBMA would not only be a huge accomplishment for them, but for kpop in general. PLEASE read the rules below and vote for BTS💜💜.
Your vote WON'T count if: 1: You don't have the word voting/vote/voted in your tweet. This is very important. 2: You don't have the hashtag #BBMAs 3: Your twitter account isn't public. 4: You have multiple finalist names in your tweet. 5: You have a photo or gif in your tweet. And please be sure to TAG BTS @BTS_twt If you don't have twitter you can do it on Facebook as well. One more thing! It is important that we stream stream stream!!
VOTING STARTS MAY 1ST AND THE AWARDS SHOW WILL BE ON MAY 21 (right before my birthday😆). Remember, you can vote 100 times a day.
Please spread the word and tag as many people as possible!! Thank you so much for reading my long card and I hope we can work together and support each other💜💫 A word from our boys 👇☺️
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I know, most are scared anti's are going to vote for the other nominees. But i mean i know a majority of kpop fans are willing to help ☺ so i guess we'll just have to see 😊