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Hello everyone!!

This week I'm in charge of Sandeul Thursday~ And this is a very special week since this week we're showing you all the members in suits!!

Yes, it's as beautiful as it sounds C:

The rest of the SweetTargets will also be posting cards of the members in suits, so keep an eye out for those. And keep an eye out for Gongchan Sunday which I'm in charge of ^-^

Without further ado, prepare to die from Sandeul's sexiness~

Bam! There you go! Absolute death!!

To be honest, he's very attractive in those suits, not going to lie, but he's such a precious smol bean that I can't find him sexy xD I'm sorry Sandeul!! You're too cute for me~

Oh, you thought I was done? Well ha! You're wrong!! XP

Sorry, I had to. It was there. I found it. I kept it. Now I'm posting it cX You're welcome~^^

Please look forward to next Thursday where a different SweetTarget will be in charge of Sandeul~

It was fun making a card with Sandeul, so I look forward to the next time when I get him again ^-^

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I read that as sh** instead of suit 😑😑😑😑 well than lol
He is so cute! I like the sorry you had to picture.
😍😍😍 Beautiful