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Nam Woohyun: Ten times...is not enough.(Late)

Hello Inspirits!! I'm a bit late with Hyun, but I'll show the 10 things that have killed me from his cuteness to something more dangerous.

1) His laugh and smile
2) His usually happy self goofing around
3) His cringy, but honey like sweetness

4) His long hair!
5) His beautiful, but powerful vocals
This features Woogyu!
6) His competitive side
7) His sensitive side
8) His deadly and sexy gazes
9) His killer smirk
10) His abs
Quit teasing them Hyun! Show them!!
That's all my loves! I hope it wasn't too insane ^^"" Until Next time!

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He's so cute, who can irresist him ❤
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oh. my. god. this is amazing. and that blonde woohyun!
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