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REVELUV (레베럽) looks like its going to be the Red Velvet fanclub name :)

What does that make is? Reveluvers? Hahahhahahah

I can already see the hate spreading lol I mean I'm happy for them but I remember when they were going to announce their fan club name back when they just debuted to and fans from fx were really pisst of and honestly I would too SM needs to come out with a fan club for them seriously before things turn ugly which doesn't give them much time. But anyway congrats 🎉
Are you talking about sm giving f(x) a fan club name? Cause their fan club name (MeU) was announced sometime last year
they should've gone for "cakes" 😂. Missed a great chance there 😂.
google image search would be ruined for all of eternity hahahhahaha
I'm honestly not too sure how I feel about this name, but hey, I'm just glad that they finally have a name for their fans. I think revelation (short for red velvet nation) would've made a great fandom name though.
How do I even pronounce that???? lol!