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It's been a really long week for me. After I left his apartment I came down with a really bad cold so I've been stuck in my room for a whole week. I don't mind because it means I get to miss work and I don't have to see him. I mean how can I, after I ran out of his apartment like that I don't know how to face him. I never got the chance to tell him I loved him and now I never will since he's getting married. I've completely lost my one chance for happiness. And to be honest I don't think I'll ever get one again. Who's ever going to love a girl like me. No one that's who.
Since I've been sick jimin has been hanging around me more with the excuse that unnie told him to keep an eye on me. But I guess having him around is better than being all by myself letting my thought get to me.

“So porridge or chicken soup. Pick one already or I'm leaving” said jimin starting to get annoyed

“You can leave I don't need anyone to look after me. I can make my own food so don't worry and just leave and if unnie asks I'll tell her that you had an emergency and you had to go” I said trying to get up but fain and instead falling but jimin caught me before I could land on the floor.

“Aigoo, how in the world do you think I'll leave you here alone when you can't even stand up without falling huh? Just wait here I'll make something real quick for you to eat. But just a heads up I'm not really good cook but I'll try my best ok” he said putting me down on my bed “now wait here I'll be back with your food. So try to rest until the food is ready ok”

'I guess he's not so bad after all. Should I really try to make a move on him? Would he like me if I tried to do something with him?'

“Oh and y/n don't miss me too much ok”he said winking and making kissing sounds
Never mind he's still the same player as before. No way am I making a move on him.

Jimin’s pov

“Oh and y/n don't miss me too much ok”

I said walking out of y/n’s room. I've been coming here everyday after noon a told me that y/n was sick. I had to bed noona to let me take care of y/n. Why? Because I've been crushing on her ever since the first day I saw her at the café noona works at. At first I just wanted to mess around with her but then I got to know her more and before I knew it I had fallen for her.

But…… She doesn't see me me in that kind of way but I can't let it show no matter how much it hurt to see her fall for someone else someone named ‘Mr. Pretty face or hoseok’ or something, I couldn't care less all I knew was the he was my enemy for taking y/n heart from me.

As I was finishing y/n food I went to check on her to see how she was doing. I slowly open the door to see if I could pull a prank on her bit to my surprise she was fast asleep

‘gosh she looks so beautiful when she's sleeping. What have you done to me y/n. I've never felt this way before and it scares me to feel this way because you don't feel the same and it hurts to a point where it kills me’

I decided to let her sleep a little bit more. She hasn't been sleeping much because of the fever that finally went down. As I was making my way to the living room to take a quick nap before y/n wakes up someone knocked at the door. I found it kind of weird because noona was working and jin was at home and y/n was a loner she had no friends what so ever. Curiosity took the best of me so I ended up opening the door. Big mistake because in front of me stood a good looking guy

“Who are you?” He asked me

“I should be the one asking that pal” I said putting on the best serious face I could “who are you? and what do you want?” I said taking a step closer which was a bad idea because he was taller than me

“I'm hoseok y/n neighbor. I live in 512. I was wondering if y/n is ok because I haven't seen here out lately so I was worried about her. Now you, who are you? And why are you in y/n’s apartment?”

“My noona is y/n roommate and I'm here because I'm taking care of her she's been sick with a cold the past week. There you got your answer you can leave now” I said closing the door but was stop

‘shit just leave before she wakes up I-I just want her to see that I can give her all the love you can't’ I thought

“Wait maybe I can help to look after her an-”
“Why would I let you do that. I don't even know you”
“But she doe-”
“Jimin I'm cold”
‘shit she's awake’
Coming” I yelled trying to close the door but once again failed
“Listen I need to go she's calling me and you have to leave”
“You're jimin??!!”
“Yeah why??”
“Jimin!!! Hurry up”
“Listen I need to go my girlfriend needs me so if you'll excuse me”

fuck what am I saying GIRLFRIEND??? what's y/n going to say when finds out. Damn what have I gotten myself Into now’

“Girlfriend? I thought she was single well at least that's what she said to me last time”
“We had a fight that day maybe that's why she said that but we're good now. So now if you'll excuse me I need to warm up my girlfriend” I said finally closing the door.

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