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due to language, and sensual content and violence
Reader & Loco

When Sober, he as sweet as a puppy, but when Drunk He's a true thug... You as one of the best cat burglars get caught when he's a Drunken Thug. Oh the things he does to you, the threats he makes come true. Makes you work for him, but only when he drunk. He ignores you when sober, in fear you will use his sober state as an escape.

~(Y/N POV)~

After the elevator event, I couldn't help but panic. I had Loco take me to the nearest pharmacy to get the Plan B pill, but only ended up getting sick. Which led to me being hospitalized. I just made Loco help me not let Dawn find out. Even though a good part of the time I was beating on him, he didn't fight back.

"Y/N, please stop abusing the young man beside you."

My sister's doctor came over to my bed, as I sat there getting an I.V. "He's the reason why I'm in the ICU, though." I beat Loco again with the pillow from my bed, as He just brush it off like its nothing. "Its not her full strength, its why I'm allowing it." The doctor just shook his head, before taking the pillow from me.

"Well we have the results as to why you got sick after taking the Plan B pill." He looked at my chart before giving me a judgmental look. "So he the one you've been sexually active with?" The doctor waved the chart at Loco. I nodded, before slapping Loco's arm.

"I highly suggest you stop slapping the father to your future child."

My eyes grew big from the shock. "Before you even go in for another hit its not from today sexual actions. It seems you've been pregnant for over a month now." I looked over at Loco whom was shocked this time as well. "But before today I've been wearing a condom. She won't touch me unless I do."

I then remember the night the condom broke when we had sex after I met the crew, but before my first job. "OH MY ..." I covered my mouth to shut myself up. They both looked at me, as I looked at Loco. "The condom broke the night we had sex, it was the same day I met your crew."

Loco blinked before it clicked in his head. His eyes went wide as well, as he sat down behind me. "So wait... she been pregnant for a month now?" The doctor nodded his head before placing the pillow on my lap. "Once your I.V is done you can be discharged."

I looked up at Loco, as he snaked his arm around my waist. "I don't mind having this child with you. Hell I'll even marry you, happily." His words made me speechless, before looking down at my stomach. "I'll take care of you and the baby, and Dawn. She actually worried about you a lot too."

My head shot up so fast the moment he said my sister's name. I glared at him as he chuckled. "Just hear me out. She told me about a man you were in loved with... Woo Bae is gay.... I've been the only other man that has been in your life as of lately."

I looked away, ashamed that he knew me so damn well now. "y/n, I fired you because I wanted to make you my woman. And I mean my one and only. I have never met a woman like you that so damn fucking crazy, but its triggered for good reason." He kissed my cheek, before resting his head on my shoulder.

"Please... say you'll be my ride or die chick. There no other woman in my life that could be a threat to you either. If you haven't noticed all my crew is men except for Hoodie. But she's secretly dating Elo." I couldn't help but giggle a bit, especially when he started kissing my neck softly.

I pushed him off before signaling for the nurse. She got me discharged and unhooked from the I.V that finished. "Come with me somewhere." I took his hand in my own, as he smiled happily at me. I led him to my sister Dawn's room, where she was sitting up, getting her I.V changed.

"Unnie! Oppa!"

I smiled at my baby sister, as she greeted the both of us. I let go of Loco hand, and sat at the foot of her. "Hey Dawn, there is something I need to talk to you about." She blinked whilst nodding her head lightly. "I didn't know how to tell you this, but for the past month or so, I have been dating Loco of AOMG."

Dawn's face brighten up as she grin from the news. "It seems though we kind of mess up. You are going to become an aunty in about eight months." Dawn's jaw dropped but her eyes were so bright.


I giggled at her reaction, as she started bouncing on the bed. "Does that mean, Loco oppa is going to become my brother-in-law too?" I looked over at Loco, as I saw that he was grinning. "Ne, that is if she says yes to marrying me. I asked her before we found out, but she refuses to give me an answer."

Dawn pounced on me, and tugged at my arm. "Say yes! Oh lord please say yes!" I couldn't help but giggled as I smiled at her. I touched her face as I kissed the top of her head.

"I was going to say yes, but I wanted to wait until I told you about us dating." Dawn wrap her arms around me, and place her ear to my stomach. "You better come out healthy, if you do I will do my best to be cure by the time you arrive." She talked to my soon to be baby. Loco and I just looked at each other, while he came over to me.

"Sounds like a great deal to me."

Loco pet Dawn's head, earning a loving smile from her. "You mister, better take good care of my sister. Or else we will find you in that hospital beside me." I couldn't help but laugh at my sister's empty threat towards Loco. "Yup, she's your little sister all right. Threatening me just like you."

I couldn't help but be proud of my little sister. Loco reached in my pocket, and pulled out a box. He handed it over to Dawn, whom took it with a puzzle expression. "Do you think your sister will like that?" We both looked at the box, as Dawn open it.

It was a diamond ring that sparkled like it was a star. My love for shiny things kicked in as I bit my bottom lip. "Y/N you know you have a tell when you like something." I looked up at Loco as Dawn laughed softly. "Yes she loves it...its like a star."

I looked down at Dawn as she winked at me. "You think I don't know what you did to pay our medical bills, and why we have to move around so much, Miss Dream." My jaw drop as I looked up at Loco. He held up his hands in defense and walked away. "I didn't tell her a think...."

Dawn giggled as she took my hand, to put the star-like ring on my hand. "I've known for the pass five years." I sat down beside her and held her hands. "You know the reason why I never told you though, right?" She nodded her head as she smiled warmly at me.

"Yes, and I'm glad you found him, hopefully he can get you to stop so you can spend more time with him, than being a cat."

We smiled at each other before hugging. I stood up though and got Loco to come stand beside us again. "Kwon Hyuk Woo, all I ask is you be good to me and my sister, and we will be good to you."

He smiled and kissed my cheek, and pet Dawn's head.

"We're a family now... I take care of my family."

Dawn bounce on her bed happily, before pulling us both into her arms.

It was really nice to be able to say... I didn't feel like stealing anymore.

I just wanted to be with my now... growing family.


but here the twist... it won't be Loco again.... we'll be linking to so another member of AOMG.
I got the girls voting right now...its tied though so badly I might have to ask the readers who they want to be up next.

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