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Hello InnerCircle! It's Melissa with Seunghoon Thursday! It's my first official card for the 2nd Quarter. For this week's, I will sharing some facts about Seunghoon.
Biography of Lee Seung Hoon Birth name: Lee Seung Hoon Stage Name: Seunghoon Date of Birth: January 11th, 1992 Place of Birth: Busan, South Korea Specialty:Rapper, Main Dancer and Lyricist Blood type: A Nationality: South Korean Height: 182cm Weight: 60Kg Fun Facts 1. On his application for KPOP STAR, he drew a picture himself instead of attaching an actual photo because he didn’t have the money to get his photo taken. 2. He wanted to join YG Entertainment ever since he was in high school. 3. He has his driver’s license. 4. He own a pet,chihuahua dog name ihi 5. He have unique nick name, which is HipHop Baby Lion. 6. He able to speak Japanese

MINER8 MINER8 Profile and Facts of LEE SEUNG HOON : member of Winner B! HATEBU TWEET SHARE Seunghoon is one of the member of idol group WINNER in South Korean. He was born in Busan, and moved from Busan to Seoul after graduating high school. He is the youngest of his family. His family member including his mother, father, 2 older sisters He auditioned for “Korea’s Got Talent” as part of the dance group ‘Honest Boys. He also worked as a choreographer for G-Dragon for a flash mob performance. Beginning of His Debut He auditioned for KPop Stars, made it through to the top 10, however he was eliminated in the seventh episode, he became fourth in the overall performance. In May 2012, he was featured in the SBS show Strong Hearts with other finalists in the final episode. Shortly afterwards, Seunghoon announced that he signed a contract with YG Entertainment and he was to become their trainee, that seemed as an open gates of success for him. During that time, he appeared on the cover of Vogue Girl for June 2012 issue named Boys like Girls by Moke Najung, he posed with Park Jae Hyung, a fellow contestant in KPop star. He also performed in the Youth Festivals which was held at Yaido in Seoul.
Now for a mini SEUNGHOON spam!

Now a video of Seunghoon being a model.
Lee Seunghoon fashion film part II
credited to owner to video and Credited to source: miner8

Well that's all for Seunghoon Thursday! I hope you enjoyed it. I also hope you learn something new, or got reacquainted with him.

He is cute!
@sukkyongwanser You got good taste 😊