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Hello all Changjos! Ready to learn more about this Firey Leader, Eric! I am! Let's go!!

Stage Name: Eric Korean Name: Mun Jung Hyuk English Name: Eric Mun Position: Leader, Main Rapper Birthday: February 16, 1979 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Height: 180 cm (5’11”) Weight: 71 kg (156 lbs) Blood Type: B
Eric facts: – He was born in South Korea but spent childhood and teen years is USA. – He returned to South Korea in 1996 when he was scouted by SM Entertainment – The artist he respects a lot is Puff Daddy. – He is also a well known actor. He starred in several South Korean TV dramas like Phoenix, Another Oh Hae Young, Que Sera, Sera and more. – His hobbies are snowboarding, rapping, basketball, driving and fishing. – Lately he’s been into playing games. – His favorite colors are black and white. – His religion is Christian. – His own company is Top Class Entertainment – Idol Groups that he has produced: Stellar. – Eric’s ideal type: Someone who’s intellectual, cosmopolitan (He mentioned that his ideal type is someone like actress Kim Nam Joo, with a sharp and sophisticated dress sense). Now added with some spam~~
That's it for now loves! Until Next time!!
Is it weird that as a straight guy I find Eric so darn attractive? XD
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I agree nothing wrong or weird about that at all @MattK95
I have to agree with you Melissa. He is cute but he does look older with certain hairstyles. I loved watching him in the drama Another Oh Hae-young.
Eric is so good looking but there are certain hairstyles that make him look older. it could be just my opinion too.
No you're right. Some of the styles do make him look older