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Hello all Changjos! Ready to learn more about this Firey Leader, Eric! I am! Let's go!!

Stage Name: Eric Korean Name: Mun Jung Hyuk English Name: Eric Mun Position: Leader, Main Rapper Birthday: February 16, 1979 Zodiac Sign: Aquarius Height: 180 cm (5’11”) Weight: 71 kg (156 lbs) Blood Type: B
Eric facts: – He was born in South Korea but spent childhood and teen years is USA. – He returned to South Korea in 1996 when he was scouted by SM Entertainment – The artist he respects a lot is Puff Daddy. – He is also a well known actor. He starred in several South Korean TV dramas like Phoenix, Another Oh Hae Young, Que Sera, Sera and more. – His hobbies are snowboarding, rapping, basketball, driving and fishing. – Lately he’s been into playing games. – His favorite colors are black and white. – His religion is Christian. – His own company is Top Class Entertainment – Idol Groups that he has produced: Stellar. – Eric’s ideal type: Someone who’s intellectual, cosmopolitan (He mentioned that his ideal type is someone like actress Kim Nam Joo, with a sharp and sophisticated dress sense). Now added with some spam~~
That's it for now loves! Until Next time!!
Eric is so good looking but there are certain hairstyles that make him look older. it could be just my opinion too.
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No you're right. Some of the styles do make him look older
9 months ago
I have to agree with you Melissa. He is cute but he does look older with certain hairstyles. I loved watching him in the drama Another Oh Hae-young.
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Is it weird that as a straight guy I find Eric so darn attractive? XD
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I agree nothing wrong or weird about that at all @MattK95
9 months ago