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Who: Reader x ??? (Be surprised) What: Smutcakes served with sweet smutberry syrup. Only at ISMUT Story: part 1? Your hands were cuffed and above your head. You stood up straight. Naked. The room was cool, too cool. You were looking up at the chain you were connected to. You gulped. When did you start having sex? He took it from you two weeks ago. No three weeks. No, wait it was the 26th last week. Shit it's been a month already. The first time hurt, even if he was gentle it hurt. He tried, you knew he did. He wanted you to enjoy everything he did to you. Most of it you did, his tongue, his fingers, the sound of his breath, the heat of his kiss. The list could go on forever. The good out weighed the bad but pain was pain. He was sweet to you. That's what made your head spin. His sweetness was an odd replacement for some of his sadist ways. A little pain here, a little pain there then he was tender and sweet. He only got like this in bed, he always made sure you were okay with it. You remembered him coming home and laying down in bed next to you wearing his black jeans fitting his slim waist and his button up, blue and white striped long sleeve shirt. He talked with his hands a lot and he told you he wanted to try something different. He always did. He wanted you to prepare for it mentally though. He explained it to you thoroughly. He was going to bind your wrists, cuffs, the silver metal ones. He wanted you in black heels but the rest of you stripped bare. He wanted to use something called a flogger. Specifically around your butt and thighs. He told you it would hurt but it would feel good too. He wanted you to try it but he kept dropping hints and leaving the window open for you to say no you didn't want to do it. You were scared but you wanted to try it. You saw excitement in his eyes but the way he explained it had your womanhood warming and begging for attention. Now you were standing there biting your lip. He walked in after disappearing for a while. His eyes drew over your entire body slowly. He bit his bottom lip in a grin. He licked his lip. He cupped your cheek. You noticed he had a hair tie on his wrist. He came close and pecked your lips then looked in your eyes to see your reaction. He did it again then met your eyes, then once more but longer. His tongue slipped into your mouth like an uninvited guest but welcomed none the less. He parted his lips from yours to come down to your neck and kissed down to your shoulder and then your collarbone. He trailed a line of kisses across your collarbone making you shiver. You gave a little whimper and he looked up at you. "I'm proud of you babe." "You are?" You said softly. "I know you're nervous about all these new things. You're trying them anyway though. We should enjoy it together."he said. You nodded. He gave you a small smile. He kissed your forehead. "Remember what we talked about, if you don't want this just tell me. Talk to me." He said. "It's okay." You whispered. "Y/n." He whispered against your lips. "It's fine Mintaek." You said. He licked your bottom lip, making you moan a little. He brought one hand up your naked side. He trailed it all the way from your thighs to your hip the other hand followed but moved much faster. His hands made it to your breast and gripped them before he kissed each nipple lightly enough to tease them and make them hard. You mewled a little at his soft kisses wanting his lips to come down with a little more pressure. Arousal began to collect at your entrance but this was only the beginning. He continued to massage your breast while he trailed his lips up to your neck. He kissed the side softly before he whispered against your skin. "Remember when I spanked you?" He said trailing his hands down to your butt. "How much you begged for more," he smacked your ass. You moaned lightly, rolling your head back. With more access to your neck, he kissed and licked up all the way to your chin then laughed softly. His hand came down on your ass again. You bit your lip as you tried to stifle a sound. "You got so wet just from me smacking this little ass. When I was inside you," he gripped your ass tight. His voice got gravely and he sounded so turned on. "You squeezed me so tight. Like you didn't want to let me go." His lips over came yours and swept you up in a wave of desire. He was drinking your soul up. He was taking in every bit of you he could. He still hadn't started yet. He pulled from your lips, breathless. "Don't hold your voice back." He said. He walked over to the other end of the way and dimmed the lights. He pressed play on the music player and a soft piano played in the background. He gripped his tool. His flogger. He stop behind you. He tied your hair up in a ponytail. His body heat, even when he was fully clothed, was the only warmth provided aside from your warming core. You felt the cool air surround you again. Suddenly, a snap filled the room and your ass stung. You bit your lip stifling a sound. He just told you not to hold your voice back but it was too embarrassing. There was another snap, your butt stung. Again, again, again. Snap, snap, snap!The flogger hit you repeatedly. The last one you let a cry stumble out. The repetition continued with seemingly no end. He came close to you again. His free hand wrapping around you to grab your neck. He pulled your head back a little. He let the leather of the flogger trail up your body passing your heat and trailing up your stomach. You fried to flee from the tickle but his body held you there. Your arms yanked down on the chains that you were cuffed to. "You're holding back." He whispered. You knew that. "Maybe I should've had the wine before doing this." You said softly. "I don't want you to be drunk every time I sleep with you." He said He had given you three glasses of wine the night you lost your virginity. It was the only way you let him touch you. When sober, you kept fleeing from his touch. His fingers came close to you and you pushed him away. The same thing happened every time he tried to touch you. So wine was to get you loosened up. You liked the sex but fear took over you most times. "It's hard." You whispered. He chuckled lightly, "Why are you like this? Don't you trust me doe eyes?" He was running the flogger up the side of your butt slowly. He came closer, his lips just under your ear. You became breathless in a second. "Do you trust me?" He asked in a lower whisper. "I don't know." You said. He pulled away from you and snapped the flogger on your ass a few more times before he walked around to face you. He tossed the flogger to the side and came close to you. His hands went to your ass to sooth the stinging pain he just granted. "Your ass is like a cherry right now." He said with a little smirk. You turned your head a little to look back but you couldn't see. You looked back at him. You saw him staring at the tattoo on your collarbone. A semicolon. "It surprises me sometimes, a girl like you can be scared of sex but you can get a tattoo." He says staring at it. You felt your heart twist. He sounded a bit disappointed. He looked you in the eyes. "Why don't you trust me? I thought when you let me have you that meant you were ready." He asked. That was an up hill battle. You had very little faith in anyone. You feared letting anyone close. You knew human kind had the capability of turning their backs on you at any moment. You could be left in the dust but Mintaek was persistent as hell; he the showed you he kept his promises. He never made one he couldn't keep. "I've given you enough to hurt me so- I'm scared you will." You said looking away. "How many times do I have to say I love you before you'll believe me?" "Words are hard to trust Mintaek. I haven't let anyone this close enough to break me in a while. Yet you're so close to the glass wall you could break it." He knelt down before you and you looked down. He had a grin on his face while his hands grabbed your thighs. "I hope to break the wall. Once I do there won't be anything left between me and you. You'll make me prove myself before I really make you mine won't you? You let me have you but you're not mine, not entirely." He said. "I'm sorry." "You have to have more confidence in me doe eyes. You're my baby girl I wouldn't do a thing to break your heart." You stared back into his eyes. One thing you always knew was when Mintaek was genuine. It was in his eyes. Everything was in his eyes. "Don't hold your voice back." He told you. He kissed below your belly button softly. His lips trailed slowly to between your legs. He looked up at you while he kissed you below. He moved slow and teasingly just to make you stir. His lips lingered in sensitive areas so he could hear you hum in delight. They found your clit and gently played against your folds. His tongue peeked out and swiped at the folds and parted them to reach your clit. You faltered a little and stepped away but he pulled you close. You closed your eyes and rolled your head back. Your mouth opened to release soft mewls while he made out with your sensitive nub. He sucked on you a little causing you to buck your hips into his face while your moans raised. He kissed you more, his tongue working over time to lap up your juices. Your body had become warm by now and your heart was just racing. He hummed like the taste of you was too delicious to stay quiet. His finger pushed inside of you and you jolted calling his name, "Mintaek." You said. "Don't be scared of me." He said softly. "I don't know- if-" "Y/n look at me." He said. He stood up but his fingers stayed inside of you. His other hand came to your waist and he kissed you while moving his fingers deeper in and out of you. He stared into your eyes so deeply your heat tightened around his fingers. They curled more to reach that magic spot; you nearly screamed. You were panting and staring back at him. You were trying to hide your voice and he could see it, "Don't. Let me hear you." He said. You closed your eyes and looked down. Your face was probably beaming red. You let out a gasp of pleasure but you were still holding it in. He added another finger to get you to react. You jumped a little with a loud moan. "Oh my god!" You inhaled sharply. "Feels good doesn't it?" He smiled. "Mintaek, I can't-ahhhh." You closed your mouth. "If you were drunk right now you wouldn't be like this." He said. "I told you-" "That's not what I want. If you're drunk every time we make love you'll never learn to be comfortable with me when you're sober." While he was talking, you were trying to focus on him. The pleasure of his fingers were rocking your body. He pulled them out of you and he licked his fingers before letting you taste. You sucked on his finger while he continued. "I need you to trust me whole heartedly, getting you drunk makes it seem like a trick to you, doesn't it? A manipulation. When you're sober, you're three times as guarded. When you're drunk, you ease up enough to enjoy the sex but you're still guarded." He pulled his fingers away and went to dry his hands off on a towel he had on the edge of the bed. He came back over to you pulled keys out of his pocket and unlocking your wrists. You wrapped your arms around him and sank into his embrace. "I wanna make love to you sober so you can see how beautiful it is. Pay attention to how our bodies connect don't hide yourself from me. Don't be scared. It's only you and me." He said. He turned you around so your back faced the bed. He led you back and gently led you down to the bed. He kept his eyes locked with yours while his hand unbuttoned his shirt. He dropped the shirt from his shoulders slowly. The muscles that tightened to define his chest and arms made your heat ache. He came off the bed but stayed between your legs. He unhooked his belt and undid his pants. His movements were slow and cautious for your benefit but he was trying to see if you'd back out of it like you always did. You'd beg him to just give you a drink or two and he'd give in to get you comfortable. He removed his pants in a swift movement. He came over your body and scooped you up into his arms. His hand cradled the back of your head, his eyes rested at your lips then your eyes. His other hand pushed your leg open more. He lined up with you, you looked him deep in the eyes. Your eyes were shining bright and half terrified which is why he gave you the nickname doe eyes in the first place. He moved slow and you inhaled quickly but nothing had happened yet. Your body was all tensed up. Your hand went to his chest. "Please trust me." He whispered just before he dipped his head down to kiss you. He slid into you slowly and you whined into his mouth as he did. Your virginity was long gone already you had no idea why you were still nervous to have him enter you while you were sober. Your mind just never adjusted to the thought that it would be simple. His hand moved from the back of your head to your cheek and he kissed you deep and softly as he moved slowly inside you. His length reached you deep to the point your back arched and you broke the kiss. You moaned out loud unable to help it. The agonizingly slow pace was so sweet and intimate but your heart was pounding and your body was screaming. His left hand came to your lower back and raised your butt a little. Suddenly, he felt deeper than before and you let out a loud moan. "Oh- my god." You breathed. "Look." He told you. You looked down to see his slick member moving in and out of you just as smooth as it felt. "Beautiful isn't it?" You nodded being unable to speak. You gripped the sheets but he grabbed your hand with his other one. He kissed the tattoo on your collarbone. His hips moved a little faster, your legs unconsciously wrapped around his waist as he did. Your fingers laced with his and he came to your lips again. He bit your bottom lip and let it slide out from between his teeth. You wrapped your arm around his neck. "Mintaek." You mewled. "So perfect." He moaned lightly. He kept riding into you, now faster. You covered your mouth when your moans got louder. He pulled your hand away and pinned it down. "Don't hide it. Let me hear you doe eyes. Scream for me." He said. "I feel- I'm gonna." You tried searching for words but your mind was numb. "I know baby just cum." He said. You squeezed the hand that your fingers were still laced with. He moved faster and raised your butt higher. He was over you more now than before. You were breathing so heavy, your moans were consistent and hard to hide. You found his eyes staring down at you. He dipped his head down and started to kiss, lick and suck on your neck. "Min- Mintaek. Oh my! God....ahh." you moaned through your climax. Your legs unwrapped from him while you shook hard. He kept going, searching for his end. He stayed in your eyes. Yours were blown and you looked fucked out. He kept your face in view. He watched as he still rammed into you. "Fuck! Oooohhhh baby girl." He said finding his release. He slowed his hips but continued to ride you until the high had come down. He rolled over onto his back and you curled up next to him. "See it wasn't bad was it?" He asked. You shook your head. "Y/n you have to learn to trust me." "It's hard." You whispered. His finger came to your tattoo. "If I knew you back then I wouldn't have left you alone for a second." He kissed the old scars on your wrist. "These wouldn't be here and you," He cupped your face gently again. He kissed your forehead and looked back at you, "You would never feel like that but since I can't change history," His finger rested on the semicolon, "We should move forward without end. I look forward to the day I break through the glass wall and finally own your heart for real." "You're getting closer each time." "Don't be scared of me. Let me in." He smiled gently at you. Your heart ached. Mintaek was too sweet to be real. How long before he could break through to you?... 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