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Some of you might not be familiar with him.
Which is true
Same Key!

Look at this man child
he is too cute

look at this cute mess and this is only one show!

He really is adorable though

he is definitely mischievous

(jong might be giving you away >.>)

so keep on loving our baby!!

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"I'm an innocent boy"-T. Yeah right! Try saying that after a solo concert!
8 months ago·Reply
He's too cute! 💚💚
8 months ago·Reply
He is just too cute for words!
8 months ago·Reply
Innocent?!? Boy?!?!?! Why you gots'sta Lie Craig!?!? Why you got'sta lie!?!?!
8 months ago·Reply
I love my husband so much. 😭
8 months ago·Reply