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This is Kim Joo-a and it's her birthday. Her short life was stolen from her on that faithful Sewol day. Before she left for the trip, it was her mum's birthday and she wrapped a secret present for her mum. Her mum says "it was almost as if she knew". She almost made it out and was escaping with her friend, but couldn't make it out. Her body was returned to her family 2 days later, on the 18th of April. Joo-a's dream was to continue studying hard (she was a great student) and move to the US for her university education, after her high school. Dearest Joo-a, we hope you are without hurt or sorrow, filled with joy and happiness as you watch your family, friends, loved ones and well wishers celebrate your birthday. Your mum says she is happy to have a guardian angel like you. Keep smiling down on all of us, until we meet to part to more. With permission from her family, let's all wish Joo-a a big and happy birthday. Happy happy birthday. You are never forgotten.