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Sorry this card is a little late today but I was so tired after work last night so I decided to make it now! XD

Enjoyy the chapter! ;)

Need a recap? Or new to the series? I gotchu covered~
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Day 9 | Hurt

It had been three days since I lost my mother.

I remember waking up the next morning, thinking that it had all been a dream. Thinking that she would be there in the living room, laughing and talking like usual. But it wasn't. I was still in this nightmare.

I stayed in bed pretty much all day. I didn't eat anything and neither did Bomi. All we did was hold each other and lay there in silence.

My father tried to come get us once but after I yelled at him, he left us alone for the rest of the day. I know it is wrong to be mad at him. It really wasn't his fault. He is just as upset as we were and here I was screaming at him, making his pain even worse. 

So the next day, I ran up to him and told him I was sorry. I hugged him tightly and I could feel his tears falling onto my head. I remember we both cried like that for awhile, just wanting to be there for one another.

Eventually, Bomi and I started to eat again and we even started to talk to the others. It was hard at first but I knew that I needed to be strong now more than ever. For Bomi. For my father. For everyone.

Luckily, no other zombies had come to us since then and I was starting to get worried.

We weren't that far from the city but what if they all started to head this way? What if we got caught in a horde of zombies? I knew that we couldn't stay here forever due to one of the other rules.

Rule Number 18 - No place lasts forever

One thing that is true is that just as the group was getting settled and working everything out, something would always happen.

Other people, hordes, ambushes, etc. One place would only last them so long before they had to move on to the next. So I was trying to think of where we would go next. 

No way we could go back to the city. That place would be hell right about now. I started to think about my connections wondering if there was anywhere that would be secluded where we would be safe for a while. And then a lightbulb went off.

I went to find Jimin who was out practicing his knife skills on a dummy zombie we made out of a potato sack and some pieces of wood laying around. It really helped us take out some anger or train. 

I came up to him slowly not wanting to scare or startle him. 

"Hey Jimin," I said, drawing his attention away from the dummy. He turned over to look at me, shocked to see me up and moving around. He immediately came over and hugged me, most likely from being so worried about me these last couple of days. I laughed slightly as I hugged him back.

"Well, I can see you are happy to see me," I joked, making him laugh as well. He left go of me and placed both of his hands on either side of my face.

"Of course. How are you feeling?" He asked, rubbing his thumbs over my cheeks.

"Okay. A little better I guess," I answered honestly, knowing that he could clearly see straight through me if I tried to lie. "How about you?"

"Okay," He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck, turning his head in a circle. "Just been practicing a lot really. Need to be prepared for anything," He said, talking in a soft voice.

"Actually, I have been thinking along the same lines." I started. "So, I know that this place won't probably last forever but when I was trying to think of where else we could go, I suddenly got an idea." He looked at me, intrigued. 


"Remember that friend that texted you the night everything went down? Asking if you and your family was okay?" It took Jimin a minute to remember when it suddenly clicked.


"Yeah! The boy who lives on a farm right? Well... do you know how to get to his place?" I asked. Jimin nodded.

"Yep. Been there plenty of times. We played together a lot during summers so that farm is a great memory for me." 

"So, if things go south... do you think he would be fine if went over there?" I questioned, making the wheels in Jimin's head turn once more. 

"Ahh, I don't know, Av. Plus, who is to say that this place won't hold? We are in the middle of no where, with barely any zombies in the area. I think we can definitely hang out here until we hear something from the radio." He said, making me speechless. He really doesn't remember what happens in all of those movies, I thought. 

"Okay, well. Just an idea." I said. "I am gonna head back inside now. Talk to you later?" I asked, backing away. 

"Of course." He said, flashing one of his big grins on his face. I smiled at that and turned to walk back inside the house. 

Well, it looks like I am the only one thinking that this place won't last forever, I thought. It looks like I will have to plan for all of us on where to go next. Because I knew that those zombies were going to be coming one way or another and like it or not, we are definitely going to get caught in it. I just want to make sure of one thing though, when that does happen.

That no one else gets hurt. 

Well guys... the next few chapters are going to be intense so...

PREPARE!!! Mwahaha
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