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I looked around and everyone was quiet. I was supposed to choose the one that would be in charge of me? Okay, that was simple wasn't it.

I stared at them for a moment.

No this wasn't easy at all. Just what exactly would they be doing? Jiho said they'd be spending a lot of time with me but they were all my guards weren't they, so then wouldn't it be an equal amount of time? So why did it matter who I chose?

I was lost in thought for a little before I noticed Kihyun walk up in front of me. I looked up at him with wide eyes.

"If you're having trouble choosing may I request that you choose me?" He said softly.

I looked up at him almost stunned. I think that's the first time I heard his voice since we met. He was asking me to choose him? Wow.

"Um, Okay I choose Kihyun-ssi." I said.

"Aw all we had to do was ask? I would've done that." Minho pouted.

I chuckled a little and looked at Kihyun. He nodded to me but he didn't say anything after that. I sighed, just when I thought he might actually start talking he just went quiet again. Oh well, there were other things that were more important at the moment. I got on Yato and we rode off to the entrance. The Knights had to say the spell while I sat back watching them unlock the passage. Momma and papa must've given them the spell to open it because I didn't know it at all. Once we were out though, the sunshiny world that I had always known turned dark. They were trained outside of the wall, this darkness didn't even move them but it had me breathless. I stared at the surroundings.

This world.

How did it get like this?

My heart was broken. Being locked away for eighteen years only to train for this day. How long had they suffered in this darkness? The pressure of this world was immense, where I grew up everything felt light almost like walking on air. I was locked away to be protected so that I may recieve my ancestors powers to cure the world but what if I hadn't been locked away at all? What if I had used the power I had now to just stall the growing darkness until my eighteenth birthday? World the world be this bad?

I couldn't help but cry, some how I felt like this was all my fault. Why hadn't they told me it was this bad. I didn't think that the darkness had spread this far and had grown this thick. It was taking over and it was just too much. I sank in the saddle as we had our horses move down the road. This place was terrible.

"Princess a word of advice. Don't let the darkness get to you. If you give into the negative energy then you will in turn become dark yourself." Minho said.

Kihyun looked at Minho for a moment before looking away.

Hm? What was that about?

I nodded to Minho and decided to keep my head focused on the goal ahead of us.

"There's a town called Sanha just up the road." I said.

"We shouldn't stop." Jiho said.

We've been walking for hours now already. I know that it will take longer to get to Sanha too. I didn't exactly have a deadline but I'm sure they wanted to get this over with as fast as they could. I could agree, this darkness was too much to handle. I sighed.

Listen to yourself Y/N people have been living in this darkness for years and have adjusted you've been out here for a few hours and complain. You should be ashamed over yourself.

I was but it was hard to get my head to wrap around the fact that this had happened.

"Yato what am I going to do?" I whispered to him.

I remember praying in the shrine before we left. Were those prayers heard? How many people out here were praying for a ray of sunshine? I was feeling doubt within myself then a hand came to my shoulder. I looked up to see Kihyun looking at me. He didn't say anything but I could tell he was giving me some reassurance. I gave him a small smile.

"You don't talk much do you?" I said softly.

"I talk when it's necessary to."

"What do you consider necessary?" I asked.

"When I need to convince someone of something."

"Like when you asked me to choose you?"


"But why did you want me to choose you?"

"The others have a lot on their minds that they're worrying about already. Taking care of you is the last thing they need. Jongup hasn't seen his friend in two years; he was taken by Lord Ryo's men he has no idea if he's alive or not. Jiho's villiage was terroized and destoryed by Lord Ryo's people. Greed and anger had curropted the town before he was saved by your father's forces. Minho's mother is ill he isn't sure she'll make it. The flower garden he left her is the only thing he can think of that keeps him going. Knowing how much she loved to see the flowers he made. He's not sure she'll survive the pressure of this consistent darkness."

"He smiles so much I wouldn't have known."

"We're not mean to show weakness. Many people are looking up to us. They're hoping we do our mission and save this world. We need to remain strong and confident to save our home. So do you. Do you have any idea how much this world needs you right now? The people- their losing everything." he said.

I took a deep breath. I couldn't believe all the things going on. The fate fOF this world was actually in my hands.

I can not fail.
We came up to the entrance of Sanha. The moutain pass behind it would've been more beautiful if it wasn't so dark.

"We didn't pack anything to eat." I said.

"We can keep going." he said.

"Jiho-ssi, please. Yato is exhausted I'm only asking to get a little food and feed him. We'll continue right after, no stops." I said.

"Perhaps it's best to take care of it now Leader. The next villiage is far from here. We won't accomplish much if the princess dies of starvation." Minho said.

Jiho stopped his horse and sighed.

"What do you think Kihyun?" he asked.

"I agree with Minho." he said.

His stomach growled giving away his true reason for his agreement. I tried to hold back a laugh but his face remained cool and collected as if the growl hadn't happened at all. Jiho led his horse closer to the entrance of Sanha and we followed inside. I got off of Yato and walked beside him. I began to pat his neck,

"There, there we'll get you something soon." I said.

"Princess perhaps you should remain on your horse while we're walking around." Kihyun said.

"Hm? I don't think I have the energy to get back on him." I chuckled lightly.

It was true though I felt drained. More than I did before. I looked up to see Jongup looking around.

"This town has a strange vibe." he said.

"Do you feel it too?" I asked.

Jongup looked down at me and nodded. Minho was looking serious for the first time since we met. He looked to Jiho and he sighed.

"Let's just move quickly." Jiho said.

I saw something shining on the ground as we were walking over to a resturant. I picked it up and looked at it. It was a small necklace with a sun and moon emblem on it. I've seen this symbol before but I can't remember.


Somewhere in my studies there was this symbol. It was supposed to be at the entrance of the island of Mist. Wait, no way the key to the island of Mist was just sitting right here on the ground in a small town villiage. What was going on?

I felt the pressure of darkness get heavier. I turned around quickly and backed up.

"Jackal!" I callled.

Kihyun looked back and pulled his horse in front of me. He pulled out his Chakram and threw it at the giant Jackal and it slashed threw it's neck. The Jackal broke apart but formed into two more Jackal's.

"Shit." Minho said.

They all rode before me and got off their horses. Jiho charged one Jackal on the right with his double blades. His swords carried fire as he slashed threw the Jackal. Then two more appeared from the darkness. Kihyun had thrown his Chakram at the Jackal on the right but again two more formed. The lightning shocked them and stalled them from making a few more but they were still coming. Minho had attacked the one in the middle with rose vines. The thrones slashed and cut around the Jackal's body as it wrapped around it and then squeezed it tight enough that it popped. The darkness of it washed around us and I ducked under the horses.

Where were the people in this town? Did this thing kill them?

I found it hard to breathe. Jackals now surrounded us all over. I took out my sword. I was going to have to fight as well. I would be able to purify the area but they had to be in a weakend state for me to do that. I pocketed the necklace quickly and looked at Jongup.

"Hey Uppie do you remember when we were kids and you used to trap things in bubbles?" I asked.

"Um Y/n this isn't exactly the time to be taking a walk down memory lane."

"No just listen. If you can still do that then I think you should let Kihyun throw his chakram. His lightning stalls their reanimation. Minho can use his vines to keep them down. Then you collect the darkness in a bubble." I said.

"Ok but I won't be able to hold that much for long."

"You won't have to I think I can do that part." I said.

"If you're wrong?" he asked.

"Well let's just pray that I'm not." I said.

I ran to Kihyun and he stopped me from getting before him. I had to slash at a Jackal's arm from behind him and then block another attack on my right.

"I need to get you out of here." he said.

"No wait just listen. Charge your Chakram with your lightning as much as you can. Then throw it. "

"They'll move." He said.

"Trust me." I said.

He looked at me and nodded.

"Minho uses your vines to hold them in place!" I called to him.

He looked at me as if that were a good idea; he focused and vines started to shoot up to hold the jackals in their places. Jiho shot fire at one that was trying to attack Minho while he was holding them down. Kihyun had been charging his Chakram and threw it.

"Zeus' wrath!" he yelled.

Lighting had buzzed loudly around us as the Jackals were sliced down to size.


"I got it." he said.

He raised his hands in the air and a large bubbled began to collect up the darkness that the Jackals were turning into. They lingered in that state but I could see as he was raising the bubble in the air they were trying to reform again. I quickly pulled out a talismen and slapped it on my sword. I chanted to it quietly but as quick as I could. I could do this I just needed to get the sword to obey. It was charged and I rolled my wrist before slashing at the bubble.

"Angel's light!" I said.

The dark world and the pressure that came with it had disappeared and I dropped to my knees. Kihyun quickly made it to my side.

"Princess are you alright?" he asked.

I had tears running down my eyes as I looked at the sunlight bursting through. The surrounding areas were dark as well but the light right here was intensely beautiful and the pressure that had lifted was unbelievably incredible. I looked around and a child was running into the town. I was helped to my feet by Kihyun and the Knights surrounded me but kept me in full view of the boy. He stared at me in bewilderment and then tears started to rain from his eyes.

"Momma! Papa! She's come!" he screamed.

A woman and man ran up just behind him coming to caputre him in their arms. He must've run to see what had happened and his parents had come after him. His mother scooped him up in her arms but she looked towards me in disbelief as well. She was almost breathless. The man beside her stepped up to me and I walked over to him pushing past Minho and Jiho.

"Are you really the one?" he asked.

"Yes." I said and bowed to him.

He got flustered.

"Oh no a Princess shouldn't bow to someone of my status. We're so grateful you've arrived. We've needed you." he said.

"I apologize for the wait. I'll be sure to restore the world as soon as I can." I said.

"You're as beautiful and as kind as the legends say."

I think I was blushing at that point, it caught me off guard.

"Heaven heard our prayers." I heard the woman say.


Mine too.
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