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In Marry Him If You Dare, episode 6, Kim Shin(played by Lee Dong Gun) and Na Mi Rae(played by Yoon Eun Hye)’s love started to grow bit by bit. The older Mi Rae(played by Choi Myung Gil) told Shin and Mi Rae that someone will be setting a fire at the subway station, Byulgok Station. Shin’s team, that were told to shut down the TV show, thought this was the opportunity to stop it from shutting down. Shin and Mi Rae went to Byulgok Station a night before the selected day for an exploration. Mi Rae asked Shin, “Why are you close to Seo Yoo Kyung(played by Han Chae Ah)?” Shin replied, “Because she’s cool.” Then he asked, “Then why are you close to Park Se Joo(played by Jung Yong Hwa)? Are you two dating?” Mi Rae asked, “Are you always like this to everyone who’s new? Teach how to play basketball, and drink alcohol together?” Shin replied, “Because you’re special. Are you expecting me to say something like that?” As Mi Rae remained silent, he added, “You’re the first one. I’ve never did this to anyone before.”