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◆◆◆A Seungri Smut Story◆◆◆

WARNING: Smut Ahead. Dont get caught and enjoy the story. (─‿─)

Rayven woke up surrounded by soft pillows. Her smooth skin felt silk sheets caressing her nude form. She sat upright slowly and her eyes glanced around the dimly lit room. “You’re finally awake,” Seung-hyun spoke softly. She turned her head toward the sound and smiled once her eyes identified his figure. “No thanks to you,” she retorted. Languidly, she stretched on the sheets, knowing that he was getting an eyeful of her nude body. It sent shivers up her spine, and her nipples became erect again with arousal. “While you aren’t fucking me senseless, why don’t you tell me what went through your head when you chose to spend the night with me.” He hesitated slightly and looked at her with the corner of his dark eyes. “You’re perfect,” he said simply. She canted her head to the side and regarded him for a moment. Her journalistic instincts were kicking into high gear because of his vagueness. She sat up on her elbows and narrowed her eyes. “Oh, come on. That’s not all there is to it,” she said frankly. “That’s all you need to know right now,” He responded coldly as he rose from his chair. He crossed the room in just a few strides and pressed a button on an intercom next to the door. He placed an order for food and drink to be brought to the room quickly. He really does act like a king, she thought to herself as she watched him. “Thank you, I’m starving.” His lips pulled into a half smirk and he nodded his head. “I figured as much.” Something about him was different now, and she wondered what it was. Before, he had been so aggressive with her body. Not that she was complaining; she loved it when a man tossed her around like a ragdoll just as much as the next woman. Now, however, he was being almost caring and it unnerved her. She liked it when she could figure someone out quickly and she hated being surprised. “So do you always bring a girl to your underground cave and fuck them into unconsciousness with your various appendages?” “No. I typically tie them up to the wall and get my servants to come fuck them for hours while I watch.” Herr eyes went wide with a little fear. She studied him closely and could find no hint of deception in his words. She glanced at her ankles and was relieved to find they were unbound. “Don’t worry, Once I decide to put my hands on a woman, no one else can touch her.” His words caused a flood of the wetness from earlier to drip out of her sex. Her body trembled under the intensity of his gaze. “I’m not worried. But what if I want to touch some of your guests? Those twins seemed rather charming.” Even though this man thrilled her like no other, she was not some dumb whore to be bossed around. *I am Rayven Chase,* she mentally assured herself. *I can stand my ground.* His dark eyes stormed and he narrowed them dangerously. “Don’t tempt fate, I heard how the men and even some of the women of this establishment wanted nothing more than to have you in the position you are right now,” He said as he turned to face her fully. He snapped his fingers for emphasis as he continued, “with just a word I could have a dozen men in here, training your pretty little cunt and dirty asshole until your mind was utterly broken.” Instinctively, she recoiled until her back was pressed against the headboard of the bed. Never in her life had a man spoken to her in such a way. Never in her life had a man been so serious with his threats. She was afraid and aroused all at the same time. The silk sheets of the bed were suddenly setting her nerve endings on fire as they tantalized her skin. *This man is fucking insane… so why do I want him so badly?* She didn’t like being confused about the feelings in her own body. For the first time, she found herself with absolutely no idea how to handle a man. *Fuck him!* she shouted in her mind as she swung her legs off the bed. Each step was defiant as she approached him. Though she was afraid, she was not going to be bullied around with harsh words. “Stop grandstanding,” She snapped as she shoved him against the wall. He looked at her with surprise as he stumbled back. A deep growl formed in his throat but he didn’t move against her. “You think it’s so amazing that you can get a dozen men to fuck me? Guess what, buddy? I’m a girl. We get double that amount of male attention from walking down the street, taking the subway, sitting in a classroom, or going to the office. We go through life dealing with everyone wanting to fuck us all the time. So don’t act like you’re the champion of the world.” His eyes narrowed and his nostrils flared as he glared down at her. He moved forward with anger etched in every line of his face. She was afraid that he might actually try to strike her, but she no longer gave a fuck. She had taken down men bigger than him before and she would do it now if need be. It didn’t matter how irresistibly handsome, rich, or important he was. Abruptly, he broke their eye contact as his head was thrown back. A deep laugh escaped his lungs and his face contorted into a broad smile. “You have some teeth, woman, I like that.” “Good,” She said as the tension left her own face. She reached out to place her hand on his chest, “Because I would hate to not have that fine cock of yours inside me tonight. I would settle for the twins, but I don’t think they can handle me.” His arms wrapped around her waist and he pulled her tightly against his chest. The gesture was almost comfortable and familiar. He moved with such confidence and strength that it took her breath away and it made her body pulse with need. “Now you’re grandstanding,” He accused with a smile. He combed his hands over her hair. “Just relax, love. Together, we’re going to achieve the kind of bliss that only exists in legends.” As soon as he finished speaking, his mouth descended on her neck. She could feel his teeth sink into her tender skin, and it sent a shudder of electricity through her body. *God, I can’t figure him out... but this is nice.* His hands roamed over the skin of her back and cupped her ass. With strong fingers, he squeezed the muscles in his hand. He pulled and spread her cheeks apart, forcing blood to the area and setting her already engorged pussy to new levels of heat. “That feels amazing,” She whispered. His touch was different now, too. He was less rough and more sensual. *Was everything that had happened earlier just him acting out some kind of public persona? Was he a different man altogether in private, behind closed doors?* It threw her body and mind for a loop of endless confusion mixed with undeniable pleasure. She had to admit that no one had ever made her feel this way before. No man had ever piqued her curiosity to such heights. *I will figure you out, Seung-hyun,* she promised herself even as she moaned out loud. “I should really leave and check on Chloe,” she said breathlessly. “Chloe?” He asked as he kissed her softly. It took her a moment to pull the information from her brain. His attention on her body seemed to be blocking her neural pathways from focusing on anything other than him. “My friend. The girl I came here with.” “Ah. She is fine, I assure you. My security is state of the art,” He said with a smirk as he sank his teeth into her neck. She moaned at the sensation and pulled his head into her flesh with need. She loved the feeling of his body against hers. His assurance that Chloe was safe set her mind at ease and allowed her to become fully enveloped in her passions. “Seung-hyun,” She whispered in a hoarse voice. “I love this.” “I need to fuck you,” He said as he pulled his lips away from her neck. “Now.” She trembled at the words, eager to feel him filling her up. His hands slithered between her cheeks and found the tender circle of her asshole. It was damp from her juices, and he was easily able to slip a finger inside. She groaned at the pleasure of the intruding digit. “Then stop teasing me, Put your cock inside me, already.” His lips pulled into that half smirk again and his eyes turned stormy once more. “I will,” He informed her as he continued to penetrate her with his finger, “but I like to do things a little differently.” “Oh?” She murmured, a little dazed from the new sensation. “I’m going to fuck you in the ass, Rayven.” Her eyes registered shock and she pushed herself away from him. “Like hell you are!” she exclaimed. She didn’t mind his finger there, but there was no way she was going to let his monster cock even try to shove its way into her back door. The idea made her cringe. Then another thought struck her. “Wait,” she said in fear. “What did you just call me?” She stumbled backward as her mind reeled. He had known who she was all along. He had been knowingly toying with her. Her cover was blown. She needed to get away. *Fuck!*
“Did you think you would escape my notice, Miss Chase?” He asked in a calm voice. She scowled at his casual manner. She had never thought there might even be a slim chance that he could have recognized her. She wasn’t a TV reporter; her face wasn’t all that well known. She was mainly celebrated for her writing. “You really are a king, aren’t you?” She asked hesitantly as she backed away. He nodded and folded his arms across his chest. “Of course I am,” he said with a smirk. There was a knock at the door that he excused himself to answer. A waiter was standing there with an elegant serving tray. Seung-hyun collected it quickly and brought the food into the room, setting it down on the bed. The aroma of a creamy lobster dish filled the room, along with garlic and other spices she couldn’t identify. She could see that it had been served with a delicious-looking baked cheese that she imagined could be something like Gruyère. There was also a side dish of what looked to be expensive caviar. The delectable sight was overloading her senses and making her mouth water, and for a moment she forgot that she should be afraid. “So what are your plans now?” She asked as she folded her arms across her breasts. She was feeling very exposed now that her identity was no longer shrouded in mystery. He chortled lightly as he lay on the bed and began to eat a bit of caviar. “Don’t worry, Miss Chase. Your identity and profession don’t bother me. To be honest, I actually like having you here.” She raised a brow at that. She wasn’t sure how she should respond to him. Once again he was taking her on an emotional roller coaster ride. It’s some kind of game, and god dammit… he’s winning. “You sure know how to woo a lady,” she remarked with a smirk. “Do you know what I like most about you, Miss Chase?” He asked as he beckoned her to the bed and handed her a fork. She took it and smiled at him in thanks as she climbed onto the bed with him. “You can call me Rayven,” she said smoothly, “and I’ll call you Seung-hyun instead of your majesty. So what do you like most about me?” His hand reached out to touch her thigh gently. “What you just did right there. That you face me head on,” He said as he slid his hand up her leg, massaging her gently. She couldn’t help but quiver slightly at his touch. There was just something about this man that she couldn’t wrap her head around. These games, his strength, his mind; they all set her body burning with passion. She hated it. She couldn’t stand it. Yet, the longer the two of them interacted, the more she craved him. “Save your pretty flattery for another woman, Seung-hyun, I’m not going to be one of your loyal followers. I came here to do a job.” He nodded as he continued to caress her thigh, letting his fingers glide down over her mound. “Of course you did. You should eat first, and I will be sure to give you the complete tour for your story, I’ll show you every sort of depraved act that happens in my underground kingdom.” Once again, his words caused her body to tremble. *Stop it!* she demanded mentally. “I’m sure you will,” She said as she shoved her fork into the lobster viciously. “Just not in my ass.” “Rayven, I told you this already. Once I put my hands on a woman, no one else can touch her. She is mine,” He said strongly. He placed a bit of caviar on his tongue, but kept his gaze on her the entire time. She could feel her ass tighten in excitement, but she was far too scared of being hurt. It was painful to admit that while she was willing to do almost anything for a story, she could not do this. She took a seat down on the bed and lifted a bit of caviar into her mouth. The delicate flavor caressed her taste buds enchantingly, and she moaned with pleasure. She immediately took another spoonful before looking up at him suspiciously. “If you think this meal is going to weaken my defenses, you’re wrong.” He looked stunned for a moment as he put down his fork. “Rayven,” he said softly. “You’re going to let me have you in the way I choose.” “No. Seung-hyun,” She said sharply, cutting him off and pointing accusingly between his legs. “Look at that fucking thing! It’s huge, and you were so rough with me outside in the hallway. You managed to make me come so hard that I passed out. Who does that? My breasts still ache and I feel like my insides are on fire!” She huffed and glared at him.
She had been swept away in the thrill of those acts in the moment, but there was no way she could trust him with something as delicate as fucking her asshole. “You loved it, I could see it in your eyes.” “Yes, of course I did. What girl doesn’t love it when a strong man pushes her around a little? It’s nice to feel like a woman. It’s just that...” She paused as she gathered her thoughts. “This isn’t my life. I’m here for a job, and I’m not going to let some whack-job billionaire with an ass fetish fuck me with his monster cock, rip me apart, and keep me from living my actual life.” He seemed to consider her words for a moment. He then began sliding his hand down her thigh, gently touching her clit. Seung-hyun’s eyes held a look she couldn’t quite identify. “I’m not like other men, you need to trust me.” She furrowed her brows at his words and became confused. He didn’t give her much time to think about it before he pulled her across the bed effortlessly. The cacophonous sound of shattering porcelain filled the air as the plate she was using crashed onto the floor. She yelped at the sudden feeling of his lips pressing against hers. Instinctively, she found herself kissing back with equal passion. Seung-hyun shoved the food tray onto the ground. A moment ago, she had been afraid, but now she couldn’t help but get caught up in the whirlwind of lust. *What is he doing to me?* she mentally asked. He planted eager kisses along her nude body and only paused to take a breast into his mouth. She arched her back into his touch and felt her pussy dampen with need. She was glad she had been naked this entire time, otherwise she’d have ruined the pair of panties she walked into the club with. “It feels like you’re devouring me, Seung-hyun,” She said breathlessly. He pulled away from her nipple, giving it a quick flick with his tongue as he looked up into her eyes. His lips pulled into an impish grin. “Of course I am—you taste much better than the lobster. I’m going to eat you alive.” She tilted her head back and lifted her hands to run her fingers through his hair. She could feel him kiss down her stomach and it made the muscles quiver slightly. His lips traveled past her navel and she could feel the cool wetness of his lips brush against the top of her mound. “Will you kiss me?” she asked hesitantly. “Down there? I’ve been waiting for this all night.” He laughed as his tongue brushed up against her clit. “Then a few moments longer isn’t going to kill you.” She gasped as she felt his warm mouth enclose around her clit. Tingles flooded through her entire abdomen when he began suckling at her nub, and her pussy quivered with insatiable need. She wanted him more than she had wanted any man before. It thrilled her and terrified her all at the same time. She worked for so hard and so long that she never had time for anyone besides Chloe in her life. Although she would never admit it to herself, Rayven was starved for a bit of human touch and affection. Seung-hyun’s intensity swept her away and made her forget all about her job. Now, she just wanted to be submerged in the ocean of pleasure he was giving her. “More,” She pleaded as she bucked her hips. “Consume me.” She could feel her orgasm building in the small of her back and it threatened to explode like a nuclear blast. “I’m so close.” He began to attack her clit more fervently, massaging his tongue across her flesh. She couldn’t control her hips anymore. They writhed on their own accord, driving her body deeper against his face and increasing her pleasure tenfold. Her legs trembled and her chest heaved with each breath. His hands slid down to either side of her labia and spread her lips open wide. He continued to suckle on her clit as he dipped a finger into her swollen pussy, liberally coating it with her wetness. She cried out and bucked her hips against her hands as she felt a second finger penetrate her pussy. “That feels amazing,” she moaned. He smiled softly as he pulled away and guided her over onto her stomach. Deftly, he lifted her to slide a pillow under her hips, causing her ass to be thrust upward into the air. It made her feel deliciously exposed, and she glanced over her shoulder to see that he was carefully observing her displayed rear. “Enjoying the view?” she asked coyly. “Very much so,” He said as he lowered his chin to bury his face between her thighs. She could feel his nose penetrate her folds as his tongue ravished her clit. Being in this position made every sensation feel more intense, and even his breathing sent shockwaves of pleasure coursing through her body. She rocked her hips across his tongue, begging him for more attention. “God this feels amazing,” she moaned. “You taste so fucking good,” He said as he eagerly lapped up her juices. Seung-hyun sighed softly at the sensation. “What do I taste like?” “Ambrosia,” He said without hesitation. She was too mesmerized by his choice of words to respond, but she didn’t have a chance to think of a witty comeback before he was sucking on her clit again and robbing her of all logic. His fingers grasped her ass and massaged her flesh, spreading the cheeks apart. Blood was rushing to the area, bringing it all to life. When his fingers probed and easily slid into her puckered asshole she lifted her head and cried out loudly. “Seung-hyun!” Shee shouted in protest, but she found herself pushing her hips back against his hand curiously. “Be careful,” she whispered with a gasp. As if to respond to her, he continued to tease her clit with his tongue. He slowly rotated his finger in her ass until she could feel the burning in the tightness of her hole. The mild pain mixed with the pleasure his tongue gave her, creating a delicious combination. Her body began to buck without her consent, and it was more than she could take. The dual stimulation caused her orgasm to erupt through her body like a tidal wave. Her toes curled and she unleashed a scream so high-pitched that she couldn’t believe it was coming from her own throat. As her pleasured ebbed, she felt her ass clench around his finger. He continued to slide his finger in 5 massaging more of her moisture into the area before also prodding her for entry. She wanted to protest but she found that she was unable. She didn’t want him to stop. The pleasure overwhelmed her senses, and she began to press her hips back against his hand. “That feels amazing, Seung-hyun,” she admitted breathlessly. "I’m going to fill this pretty little asshole with my cock,” He said with hunger in his voice. Her ass tightened around his fingers, aching to be filled even more. “No,” she said weakly. “Then you won’t be getting any cock tonight, Rayven,” “Don’t tease me, Seung-hyun, It’s obvious that you want me just as much as I want you.” “I do,” he said darkly, “but on my terms.” He continued to slowly drive his finger into her ass. Her body shuddered in pleasure; as much as she wanted to deny that this felt good, she couldn’t. “Just have sex with me for real, Seung-hyun,” she pleaded. She could feel her wetness dripping over her clit. Her insides burned. She wanted him; needed him even. Sadly, he did not seem to want her in the same way. She did not know how to feel about this; she was confused and aroused and desperate. “This is for real, Rayven, This is simply how I have sex, and it’s the only way I’ve done it for years.” He slowly rotated his finger inside her tight hole as he pumped into her and stretched her out. “Other men might not be very good at it, but I’m an expert.” She bit her lip to keep from moaning out too loudly. It was very difficult to form rational thought with his finger invading her body and unhinging her mind. “God… it does feel good,” she said with a gasp. She couldn’t help but wonder why he needed this; it intrigued her. She wondered if giving him what he wanted would help her find the answers. Was the illustrious Seung-hyun deeply damaged in some way? She needed to know. She needed to tough it out for information. Rayven took a deep breath in apprehension. “I’m just… I can’t. I can’t do it,” she said haltingly. While she yearned to be close to him, she could not seem to make herself agree to this. “Rayven, I know you’re afraid, Don’t be.” He lowered himself to gently lick at her hole, probing his tongue inside the pulsing flesh. When he spoke, his words vibrated against her opening. “Trust me to take you to unimaginable heights of pleasure. Trust me to slide my cock into your beautiful ass and make you feel something you’ve never felt before.” His voice was filled with hunger and passion. She could feel the intensity radiating from him. She wanted to give in; she wanted to be connected. She wanted to feel everything, even if it hurt. “Oh, Seung-hyun,” she whimpered. “Be brave, Rayven,” he said darkly. “Be brave for me and let me inside you.” He lowered his face to bury himself into her wetness. Rayven moaned, growing dizzy as his tongue traced circles around the entrance to her pussy. He licked up her folds until he reached her throbbing asshole again. He expertly transferred the moisture from her vulva to her asshole, before inserting a finger again. It slid in easily this time. He licked the edges of her hole as his fingers slid in and out of her. He began to pump faster and she had to bite the pillow to keep from screaming out. “Okay, Seung-hyun” He pulled his tongue away from her ass and used his other hand to press two fingers into her pussy. He pressed upward, feeling his own fingers through the thin barrier of skin that separated them, and massaged her inner walls from both sides. She could not believe how amazing the dual penetration felt, and she rocked her hips back and forth, fucking herself on his fingers again. “Okay!” “Okay what?” “Do it! Just do it. Please. I need you inside me. I don’t care how anymore.” Without hesitation he removed his fingers and lavished attentions on the tender skin of her asshole with his tongue. She writhed under his touch and pushed herself back against his face. His hand continued to finger her pussy as he searched for her g-spot. She could feel his fingers massaging the spongy flesh as the sensations began to wash over her. The room started spinning and she saw a kaleidoscope of colors. A scream ripped from her chest at the sublime pleasure, and her body thrashed on the bed. “Please, Seung-hyun I can’t take it anymore. Will you just put your cock inside me already?” She felt his thumb brush her skin as lightly as a butterfly. “Good things come to those who wait, my treasure.” These words only enhanced her delirium. Rayven’s head rolled against the sheets in a daze. She felt like she was only barely conscious as Seung-hyun returned to bathing her ass with his tongue. The pace of his fingers rubbing her g-spot quickened, and she could feel her building orgasm. “Come for me, Rayven. Then I’ll give you everything you want. I’ll give you things you never knew you wanted.” With a tiny gasp, she barely managed to nod. She clenched her pussy around his fingers in an attempt to force herself to orgasm. She needed him desperately, and was willing to do anything he wanted in order to feel his cock throbbing inside of her. “God, yes,” She said as she gyrated her hips against him. She pressed her face into the pillow to muffle her cries. “Seung-hyun,” she whimpered. His thumb kneaded her clit while his fingers aggressively probed her intimate depths. It was far too much for her to take. His magical touch and demanding presence caused an explosion of pleasure to erupt through her body. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she gripped the sheets of the bed so tightly that her knuckles became bone white. She found her entire body quivering uncontrollably, especially the muscles in her thighs. It was so intense that it was almost painful, and she arched her back and neck to try and keep her nervous system from overloading. Time seemed to stop for a moment as her brain shut down to give way to her ecstasy. It must have been one of the most powerful orgasms of her life; it definitely challenged the one she’d had earlier. She was only brought back to reality when she felt the cooling sensation of a slick liquid being poured down the crack of her ass. She turned her head back to watch Malcolm out of the corner of her eye. She saw him looking at her intensely. “Are you ready?” Seung-hyun asked her softly. She nodded, still unable to speak. “Just relax,” Seung-hyun whispered as he aligned his cock with her ass. He rubbed the bulbous head over her entrance in slow circles. Moaning softly, she tried to push her hips back onto his shaft. “Stop teasing me, Seung-hyun, I’m yours... take me!” That was all the urging he needed. His body shook with lust and hunger as he slowly pushed his cock into her ass. She gripped the pillows tightly and held her breath as the initial wave of excruciating pain caused her entire body to weaken and grow limp. “Relax,” Seung-hyun said as he ran his hand over her lower back soothingly. “Just breathe, Rayven.” She followed his instruction and exhaled a shaky breath. She tried to will herself to relax, and as soon as she did, he sensed this and seized the opportunity to plunge himself deeper inside her. Rayven cried out and threw her head back in pleasure as his cock invaded her bowels. Tears gathered in her eyes at the burning sensation, and her legs quivered. His massive cock stretched the taut muscles of her ass, thrusting deeper until she felt all rational thought escape her mind. Her body was just a lightning rod of pleasure as she allowed herself to give in to her passions. Her chest felt heavy; it was like her lungs couldn’t get enough oxygen for the rest of her body to function and she needed to take in as much as she could or risk passing out. “You’re not a king, Seung-hyun. You’re a fucking god.” “I am, And it’s like heaven inside you.” "Do you always get so poetic when you’re ass-fucking women?” “Only with you, my treasure.” “Shut up and fuck me harder.” He forced the veiny shaft of his cock deeper into her ass. Now inside, he began to pump his hips rhythmically. She stiffed slightly as pain shot through her center; it quickly gave way to pleasure, and she couldn’t stop her hips from naturally falling back onto his cock. “God,” She whispered as she felt her walls tighten around his cock in a stranglehold. “You’re huge.” “I’m just going to stop moving until you relax,” “No,” She said as she tried to move her hips to take more of him. “This is torture. I want you. I want you so badly.” “Rayven” Seung-hyun groaned, as he lost some of his resolve. He placed his hand on her tailbone as he forcefully pushed his cock into her ass. He pulled out slightly, and slammed himself back inside. A wanton cry of ecstasy left Rayven’s throat as she writhed against him. Her body seemed to want to get away and get closer at the same time. Her body was at war with itself, and she felt like both sides were losing. Her mind was torn somewhere between agony and rapture, and she felt like she was drowning. “Seung-hyun, I don’t know what you’re doing to me, but just do it. Stop tormenting me and do it.” He tightened his grip on her hips with his powerful hands, and pumped himself into her faster. Each thrust elicited a loud moan of pleasure. There was so much sensation flowing through her body that she feared that she would somehow die from the unbearable bliss. “This feels too good to be real, You must be a goddess.” “I sure do feel like one tonight. Come inside me, Seung-hyun. I want to feel you come.” She was a little shocked at herself for how much she needed this. She clenched the muscles of her ass tightly around his cock, trying to give him more pleasure. She could feel him throbbing and pulsing, and it was sending her over the edge to know that she could affect him in this way. His thrusts became more frantic at her words and he began to penetrate her more deeply. She could feel the head of his cock slamming deep into her body where it felt like a man should not be. Yet it thrilled her to know that this man was. The feeling of her orgasm building in the depths of her womb was once again present. She rolled her hips, grinding her clit against the pillows. His cock swelled inside her ass, stretching and stroking her inner muscles wildly. She cried out over and over as he fucked her. Finally, her pussy quivered as the tension built to a climax and tore through her. Moisture gushed out of her, slowly dripping down her thighs. The spasms of her ass milked his cock as he pounded her, and she could feel him begin to erupt inside her. Spurt after spurt of his seed filled her ass with a most unusual sensation. It was not quite as satisfying as she had expected, but it was still wonderful. When he pulled out, she could feel their combined juices flowing over her body. “Okay, You win.” “Win what?” “You’ve worn me out. Congratulations,” she said with a tired smile. A light chuckle escaped his lips as he fell on the bed next to her. “Honestly, Rayven, you wore me out too. We’ll call this one a draw.” “Don’t give me that charity,” She teased, turning over so she could put her leg over his body and snuggle up against him. He put an arm around her and drew her close as if it were the most natural thing in the world. “Seriously! I’m spent. I think I need a few hours to recuperate.” “I see, “I suppose that just means we’ll have to resume after a small nap. I’m still locked up in here until dawn, right?” He nodded and planted a kiss on her lips. “Yes, my treasure.”
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Dammmmnnn. shit this is so hot and intense!
holy shit this is amazing
well she gave him the booty....literally 😂😂😂