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Finally Ji Hyun Woo responded after MIA for days...
http://www.allkpop.com/2012/06/ji-hyun-woo-speaks-out-on-his-confession-to-yoo-in-na He did not reveal much, at least we know he meant his words! He's sincere in his confession! Way to go Hyun Woo!
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here's his original tweet: 아이고~참!걱정들 엄청 하네~!멀쩡하게 잘먹고 잘살고 있으니까~잠수탄 거 아니니까~걱정마요~!나한테 똑같은 상황이 와도 난 똑같이 할꺼니까!아~그리고 예로부터 남의일에 신경 많이 쓰는 사람치고 잘 된 사람 없다고들 하니~적당히 신경써줘요~다 행복하게!
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Well done Hyun Woo
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GASP thank your posting this!!!! I'm glad that at least he has the courage to come out to the public and say something
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