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"What?" Nara asked incredulous. "Who would put you in charge?"
"I did, I put me in charge."
"You must be going insane. The elders have always been in charge. You're not close enough to become part of that council."

Yoo Hyun laughed, "That's why I got rid of the council."
"What did you do to them?" Nara asked worried, "Where's my father? If you touched him, I swear to god I will..."
"He's fine. They're fine. Relax."
"Where are they?"
"They're sharing your faith right now. I still need them until I can gain full control of all this."
"How did you manage to overthrow the council? A runt like you isn't smart or strong enough to do such a thing!" Nara asked with contempt grabbing the steel bars.
Yoo Hyun scoffed walking closer to the cell, "I know full well what you think about me and let me tell you you couldn't be more wrong."
"What did you do?" Nara asked.

"You'll know in due time" Yoo Hyun said walking away. "Meanwhile make yourself comfortable you'll be in here a while."

Nara heard the door closing as she yelled, "Where is Jackson!? What did you do with him!?" But no one answered her back.
"Damn it!"
Yoo Hyun walked into the laboratory. The smell of chemical concoctions hitting his nose. "Is it time again?" The chubby cheeks scientist asked. "For someone so smart you're not so good at keeping track of time" Yoo Hyun remarked. The guy in the lab coat smiled making his dimples more visible while adjusting the rim of his glasses. "Sorry, its just that when I'm in here I tend to loose track of time." Yoo Hyun rolled up the left sleeve of his white blouse. "Hurry up, Nam Joon, I don't have much time," he demanded. "Yes!" Nam Joon answered taking a small bottle of serum out of a fridge almost dropping it with his haste. "Careful!" Yoo Hyun exclaimed, "we don't have the luxury to waste those, yet." "Yes. I'm sorry!" Nam Joon apologized and proceeded to extract the serum with a needle. "You know, I still don't know how you managed to get the council's approval for this." Yoo Hyun hit the vein in his left arm with his fingers. "I can be very persuasive." Nam Joon inserted the needle directly into Yoo Hyun's vein, "All done!" Yoo Hyun flexed his arm and took a deep breath, "I wish you could feel how amazing this feels." "I wish I could too but like a told you before we're not sure the full side effects the serum can have. I wish we could have some more blood to study it further but until then I rather you be the only guinea pig." Nam Joon said clearing his throat. "Well, let me tell you the benefits far outweigh the side effects and don't worry, soon you'll have enough blood than know what to do with it." Yoo Hyun adjusted his sleeve and left the laboratory leaving a wondering Nam Joon behind.
Jackson woke again in the cold floor of his prison cell. He hated to have fallen asleep but as the time passed his body had given up to sleep. Now that he was awake he was back to pacing back and forth in his cell. He had forgotten how many times he had tried to kicked the door open before finally giving up. Just what the hell was this thing made of. The sound of a tray being slid down through the small sliding door in his cell brought his attention. "Food?" He scoffed. At least they weren't trying to make him starve. He didn't want to give in but the smell of the food made his stomach growl. He hadn't had a bite since he step out of the airplane the day before. Putting his anger aside he reluctantly went and picked up the tray. Kicking the empty tray aside he realized how starving he had actually been. Jackson stretched his arms and yawned loudly. His eyes couldn't stay open. He tried hard to stay awake but fell to his side. He saw the empty tray in front of him and realized what had happened, "fuck!" He said before losing consciousness.
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