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Genre: Angst
Pairing: Reader x ???
Length: 1752 words
Warning: Rated M, Foul Language, readerxidol
Summary: Why did I fall in love with someone who never spoke to me?

Part 3

Y/N’s Pov:

 You were sat at the Café with Chen and Ken. It was a lot warmer than yesterday and it wasn't snowing, so you and the guys were just enjoying it. Laughing and just enjoying there company. You had told Chen that you had fallen on Leo. You didn't laugh at first but it was pretty funny to them. He felt bad at first and tried to be sympathetic, but he couldn't help but laughing comparing the same situation happening twice.

“Haha that's amazing y/n!” He laughed as you threw a cookie in his mouth to shut him up.

“Hey at least she fell on someone who's single, and they were alone.” Ken said laughing at Chen having to chew before he could finish talking.

“It was still embarrassing you know! At least the lunch after went good though.” You said then taking a drink out of your coffee.

“Yeah, they really like her, she's getting better at talking to people too.” Ken said as Chen cleared his throat.

“Does that mean you're ready to get to know the guys again?” Chen said wiping his mouth. You must really be that important to him too.

“Yes!” You said confidently making the guys stop and look at you like you had just aid something you'd never said before. Which is exactly what you did.

“Really?!” Chen said looking at you wide eyed. You nodded. “Like maybe tonight?” You nodded again. “Oh my god y/n, this is going to be great! I'm gonna go call them, does to tonight at 7:00 work?”

You smiled and he stood up to go call his friends. While he left Ken had stood up and taken a seat next to you. He put his arm on the back of your seat to get closer.

“You know you don't have to do that if you don't want too, right?” He said looking concerned.

“I wanna be more confident Ken” you started caressing his cheek. “You don't have to worry about me.”

 You smiled at him and he pulled you into a hug. He truly cared about you and your well being. He was the best big brother you could ask for. He had pulled away and stared you in the eyes. You felt like you actually had family and friends. Your thoughts were cut off when someone slammed their cup on the table making you and Ken flinch.

“Leo? What are you doing here?” Ken asked taking his hand off your chair.

“Oh hey Ken, Ravi wanted you to call him.” He said then took a drink of his coffee.

“Oh? Ok, I'll be back, ok y/n?” You nodded and he left. You sat there and when you looked at Leo he was staring at you like he was the night before. You immediately looked down and you felt his eyes on you. FOCUS. You thought to yourself. There he is, you can do this, just talk to him. You opened your mouth to talk but you were interrupted.

“Hey y/n!” Chen had came in. “Oh hey Leo, y/n! They said they can meet us at 7:00, I'll pick you up at 6:50 for the date.” He said taking his cup.

“You're leaving already?” You asked.

“Yeah, I wanna record early so I can prep the guys for the date...again” you nodded gave him a hug than he left. Ken had finally came back and him and Leo talked. You stayed somewhat quiet, you talked every once in awhile and made conversation, but every time you talked Leo would stare at you.

“Well I better get going, I need to get ready for the ‘date’ tonight.” You said standing up.

“Tell me how it goes alright, if you don't I'll have to ask Chen, and you know how far into detail he goes.” You smiled and left. Leo stared at the spot where you sat not looking at you. I wonder what got into him?

 You walked home and took a shower. You did your hair and makeup but put on comfortable clothes. You'd change about 30 minutes before Chen came to pick you up. You picked out a nice red dress with black flats. You sat on your couch and waited. When you looked on your phone you had some messages from Leo and Chen.

Leo’s Pov:

 Leo stared at you when you started talking and froze when you said date. He had heard it when that Chen guy said it but he didn't think anything of it when till you said it. He stayed staring at the same spot even when you stood up and started walking. A date? With who? Why?

“Hey! Leo?” Ken said waving his hand in front of you.

“Huh? Oh what?” He said snapping back to reality.

“Are you ready to go?” Ken said picking up his drink.

“Oh uh yeah let's go” Leo stood and walked with Leo till he got to his car. “I'll go to the studio now so I can finish early tonight”

“Why do you need to finish early?” Ken asked before getting in his car.

“I wanna relax tonight that's all, maybe visit family” Ken nodded and got into his car to leave.

Leo drove to the studio and couldn't focus. He just kept thinking about y/n. Does she really like some other guy? I thought she liked Ken, but now it might be someone else? Does she not like me? He just kept thinking how close she was when she fell on him, and the way she didn't talk was just….well attractive, and when she did talk...woah.

 He needed answers so he pulled out his phone and started to massage Ken. Ken was there before so maybe he knows something about it.

After messaging Ken he messaged y/n. He wanted to know when and where it was. When he got the information he had told y/n that he would go to the studio, but he's actually going to the restaurant. He needs to make sure nothing happens, and if it's starts to, he'll stop it.

Y/N’s Pov:

 Chen had picked you up and you drove around till 7:00 while he told you about the guys, and especially Chanyeol. He must really want me to get to know him, I wonder what he told him about me? If he did at all.

 Once there he sat you between Chanyeol and Xiumin then sat across from you. Chanyeol ended up starting off the conversation. Turns out you and him had more in common than you thought. You knew they were all talented but you didn't know he played guitar.

 He had pulled a guitar off stage and started paying then SINGING. He had a beautiful voice, and he sang an English song. All of me. It was so amazing, when he finished everyone head stood up to applaud him. You did too and when he finish he started walking towards you arms out wide, you were ready to hug him, you weren't going to mess this up.

 Before you could though he had fallen. Some guy at a table tripped him and he ended up falling nearly landing on top of you. Instead of just crushing you he had grabbed you and pulled you over him so when you both fell you were on top.

“Are you okay?” He said pulling away from the embrace you didn't really expect. You nodded starting to get off of him fixing your dress.

“What the hell man!” Suho screamed at the guy who got up and ran out of the building. He was wearing a black hoodie and sweats. Asshole hater probably.

“Y/n! Omg I'm so sorry!” Chen said helping you up.

“It's fine, it's not your fault that guy’s a piece of shit.” You covered your mouth after swearing. Oops?

“Haha see Chan she's just like you!” Chen said and Chanyeol stared at you a smile growing on his face.

“Let go back to eating” you guys ate but you couldn't help but to wonder who that guy was that tripped Chanyeol, he was only coming in for a hug.

 After dinner Chanyeol had offered to walk you home, and you let him. The walk was nice and peaceful. At one point a cat had jumped off a trash bin making a loud noise causing Chanyeol to pull you into his arms. After that he held your hand the whole the rest of the way back.

“I had fun, I don't usually hang out like this.”you said reaching your doorstep. “Wanna come in? It's kinda cold.”

“Nah, I got an uber on the way.” You nodded and started to unlock the door when you felt his hands grab your waist as he hugged you from behind. He bent down to match your height. “I had a really good time tonight”

 You had turned around and looked at him his eyes that sparkled and his hair was perfect. He had lifted your chin up with his hand and your lips were met with his. It was like time had stopped, your first kiss! His lips were warm and soft. You had closed your eyes and snaked your hands behind his neck. When you both had pulled away he ghosted his thumb over your now swollen lips.

“Can I have your number before I leave?” He asked as the uber pulled up. You nodded and you both exchanged numbers. When he left you went inside and jumped on the couch…


Chanyeol's Pov:

 He had gotten back to the dorms and sat on the couch a smile planted on his face staring at the ceiling. He couldn't get over the fact that y/n, Y/N! The shyest girl he ever met actually kissed him back, more importantly LET HIM!

“So how'd it go? Did you get her number?” Chen asked sitting next to him.

“Yeah...I got her” he said thinking about how he was ready to kiss her, how he was ready to start talking to her, ready to make her his.

“Uhhh got her?” Chen said waving a hand in front of Chanyeol's face. “What happened? Did she hug you like you wanted? What happened?”

“We kissed.”

Y/N’s Pov:
Poor Leo is jealous.....