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안녕하세요 Vingle Fam, It's 스카이(Sky) Here~!

Sorry For Making This Card So Late, I've Been Busy & Alot Of Things Happened Which Was Out Of My Control. But I Worked Somethings Out So Here's My Intro Card For Taehyung~



♥⭐Basic Information⭐♥

♡Real Name: 김 태형 // Kim Taehyung

♡Stage Name: 뵈 // V

♡Date Of Birth: December 30, 1995 (I just realized he's younger than my sister by a couple months lol)

♡Sign: Capricorn♡

♡Height: 5'10"

♡Age: 21

♡Birth Place: Daegu, South Korea

♡Blood Type: AB


♥♡Fun Facts♡♥

☆His Favorite Colors Are Black, White, & Green

⭐He Has A Mom, Dad, A Younger Sister & Younger Brother

☆He Cried When He Watched "Miracle In Cell Number 7" (tbh after reading the plot & ending... I would cry too....)

⭐If He Had A Superpower, He Wants The Ability To Talk To Cars (...ok...)

⭐His Favorite Song On The 2nd Mini Album "Skool Luv Affair" Is "Cypher PT. 2 (surprise, surprise xD)

⭐He Likes To Tease A.R.M.Y At Fanmeet Events

⭐He Is Most Popular In Taiwan (According To Yahoo! Taiwan Polling)

♥♡He Wants Marry His First Love & Be With Her Forever♡♥




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