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Yoongi Is Such A Savage I Swear

He Gives No F*cks When It Comes To Swerving Into Other People's Lanes...

He Just Wrecks Bias Lists Left & Right, Not Thinking Twice About It..




Suga... I Love You, But Can You Not?????

(@warning get your man pls thx)


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What is it for the police in S. Korea 119? I'd like to report an assault. The culprit is Min Yoongi aka Suga from BTS. The complaint is numerous assault on my feels, refusal to stay his lane, lack of giving fucks of his assault on my feels, looking too damn fine.
He became my main BTS bias for this reason he just wouldn't stop...
and just like that I'm pregnant with his babies 😂😂😂😍👏
They'll be beautiful babies.
This is why he's my bias in BTS. At first it was Jungkook with his voice, but Suga just had to pop up out of nowhere with his laid back style and amazingness (is that even a word).
He wrecked mine! Didn't start out as my bias... But he is now!!