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Hello gorgeous ARMY!!♡

This week we are doing member introductions! This is mostly for new ARMYs out there but anyone can enjoy. ♡♡♡
This card is long, sorry not sorry. (♡´艸`)

So let's begin!


♢Legal name: Min Yoongi
♢Rap/Solo name: Agust D
♢Birthday: March 9, 1993
♢Zodiac sign: Pisces
♢Birthplace: Buk-gu, Daegu
♢Height: 174 cm/ 5’8″
♢Weight: 59 kg/130 lbs
♢Blood Type: O


♢He has a mother, father and older brother
♢He went to Global Cyber University
♢He loves basketball and used to be able to spin a basketball on his finger for over ten minutes.
♢He likes taking pictures.
♢He likes reading comics.
♢He enjoys playing games.
♢His personality is very straightforward.
♢He loves sleeping, quiet places, and places with no people.
♢He doesn't like dancing, loud places, and places where there are crowds of people.
♢He thinks he is unattractive.
♢But he thinks his legs are nice.
♢He bites his nails.
♢His favorite color is white.
♢His favorite number is 3.
♢His nicknames are Motionless Min and Min PD.
♢He decided to pursue a career in music after hearing Stony Skunk ‘Ragga Muffin’ in 6th grade.
♢After listening to ‘Fly’ by Epik High, he chose to become a rapper.
♢He speaks with a satoori accent when his emotions are high.
♢He is really bad at drawing.
♢His favorite food is "Meat, Meat, and Meat."
♢He is bad at English and Japanese.
♢He wanted to be an architect, firefighter, basketball player, or musician when he was younger.
♢He’s in charge of fixing things around the dorm; changing the light bulbs, fixing the toilet, etc.
♢He has a drivers license.
♢His CEO named him "Suga", because when he smiled, it was sweet; so "Suga" comes from "sugar."
♢He likes Weish Corgis


♢His motto is: “Let’s live while having fun. Doing music as your hobby and doing it as work is different.”
♢He said happiness is Health, Family, and Music.
♢Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Wayne and Hit Boy are his idols.
♢Weather where you can wear short sleeves at day and long sleeves at night is his favorite.
♢He had appendicticus surgery in December 2013.
♢He scolds and nags the younger members when they make a mistake.
♢He writes lyrics and composes songs daily, whenever and wherever he can.
♢He wrote the song ‘촣아요’ (Like It) under 40 minutes.
♢He talks most to Rap Monster when he is having an issue.
♢He comes from a very poor town and family.
♢He said he would steal Jungkook’s age if he could steal something you can’t buy with money.
♢His ideal date would be to watch a movie, walk around and eat together.
♢He was chosen as the sweetest member at Fandom School Interview by BTS.
♢He answered Jimin when he was asked which member would he bring on a deserted island for 3 years.
♢He likes to compose music and sleep more than doing physical exercise.
♢He won 2nd place in the Big Hit audition.
♢When he has a lover, he wants to make them listen to the songs he writes.
♢His favorite karaoke song is Kangjin ‘Ddaengbul’ because he thinks that song brings up the mood.
♢In middle school, he learned classical composition and started writng songs daily after that.
♢He relieves stress by writing lyrics.
♢When he was angry, he likes listening Rick Ross's ‘Hold Me Back’.
♢He wrote "Jump" and "Tommorow" when he was trainee.
♢He doesn't listen to the manager to eat or get up because he considers it a disruption.
♢His specialties are rap, writing, composing, and arranging songs.
♢His vocal cords are what he is most physically confident in.
♢His favorite moments in his daily life are when he’s working alone.

▪♢His Words♢▪

♢"Leave the talk to Rap Monster and the kids. I think that my role is taking care of the kids.”

♢If you could sum up in one sentence your attitude towards life, what would it be?
▪"I don’t give a shit.”▪

♢Let’s praise myself:
▪“You’re at least working hard in living if not anything else.”▪

♢His goal:
▪“I’m a man who will become the king of music!!!”▪

♢Which member changes completely when he’s not on stage? (All member choose Suga).
▪Suga: “Actually I'm very different when I'm in front of the cameras or on stage. When I'm not working, I'm usually lying down at home or inside the studio. I don’t like to move or go out. So, I don’t even like to meet people.”▪

▪♢Others about Suga♢▪

▪Jin: “He likes being attached to his bed. He has a variety of knowledge and always gives help with that knowledge. I’m fascinated as to where he gets that weird knowledge from.”

▪J-Hope: “He is cool. His personality is quite strong on his own thoughts. He pretends not to care when he does. Seems like he’s all over the place, but he is quite careful. That kind of personality. (Ah!! Personailty where he only just shows strength ㅋㅋ)”
▪V: “He really has a lot of knowledge. He’s quite cool on stage. Cool and amazing. No answer to him being lethargic.” “He takes action instead using words.”

▪Jungkook: “He’s like a grandpa. But his passion towards music is overflooding. He also has a lot of knowledge. But he’s still a grandpa.”

▪Rap Monster: “He lingers on things more than you would think. He’s really timid once you get to know him. Full of random information. Grandpa. Although he seems cool – never… no no… He wants to be loved. He likes music. Has passion and stubbornness. Says what he wants to and can say everything well. He has style.”

▪Jimin: "He's changed a lot now. He's not as stiff. He usually shows a cute side but once he gets back to the dorms, he's like a grandpa." "Suga is sluggish and hates moving around, but he talks a lot."

▪Bang Shi Hyuk: “To Suga, Rebel, old young, genious. Because of you BTS can be BTS. Thanks for your talent and keep it that way. I wish you could be an awsome artist. When you write the title song?”


"Agust D" - Agust D
"The Last" - Agust D
"Cypher Pt. 4" - BTS

Good luck with the bias wrecker!!♡♡♡

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is it just me or did I fall more in love with this man!!!💖💖💖💖💖 omg I hope to meet him one day 😢😢💖💖💖
same! 😍😍😢😢
I appreciate him even more after reading this 👍