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Hello Ikonics! It's Melissa with Hanbin Saturday! I am so happy to get to support him this quarter. TBH, Hanbin is one of my bias from Ikon. So let's get to know him better. Or get reacquainted with him.
Name : Kim Hanbin Hangul: 비아이 Stage name : B.I Nickname : Charisma leader , Hanbeen, Geniur leader Born : Seoul , South Korea Birthday : October 22 1996 Postion : Leader , rapper , composer , lyricist , dancer Blood type : O Height : 177 cm Weight : N/A Former team : Team B Facts He is a perfectionist. Hobbies : streets He has a parent and one younger sister which is 15 years younger than him named Kim Hanbyul . Collaborated with MC Mong Indian Boy in 2009 Participated in Show Me The Money 3 but then eliminated . B.I loves visiting the zoo . He is afraid of bugs . He is able of making song . Some of his song is Winner’s Empty , Sinosijak and Wait For Me . Dubbed as the second GD and the approved by GD himself . At first meeting , Bobby thought B.I was older than him so he used formal words with him . He doesn’t like CEO Yang Hyun Suk ideas of Mix And Match which is adding new members into Team B. At first , he didn’t like the 3 new members but then get along very well . When he is nervous , he likes to touch his chest . He never had a girlfriend before so he was depending on his imagination to write songs. Been YG trainee since 12 years old . the longest trainee of Team B alongside with Jinhwan and Bobby. He likes to bully maknae Chanwoo because he thinks he is the nicest maknae in the world. He treasures his silver box very much ( Mix and Match ) He loves Mickey Mouse and Pringles snack so much . Collaborated with Bobby , Winner’s Mino for Epik High ‘ Born Hater ‘ . When is away to calm his mind , the person he’s worried about the most is Yunhyeong . Once in Mix and Match , where he couldn’t take it anymore , he disappeared and then spotted on a bench at Hangang river , gathering his tought while writing lyrics . He said ” I wanted to escape. I wanted to get out of the world. This is the first time in my life I had so much to do. Originally, I wanted to go to Busan, but I didn’t know how to get there. This is the farthest place out of the ones I know.”
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Well that's all for this week's Hanbin Saturday! I hope you all enjoyed. I also hope you learned something new, or got better acquainted with him.