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Photographer Colin H. Sillerud One of my last and favorite images from this summer. This was shot in the twilight of the setting sun literally as the milky way was first visible. That is why there is still blue in the sky and illumination on the ground. The land is a composite of 3 ~5s images for focus blending with the camera pointed down. I then rotated the camera up 90 degrees and shot the sky with a 30s exposure and manually aligned/blended them in post. www.thelandbeyond.net
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@MasriDaniela Can you see a lot of stars where you live?
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@YinofYang yes i can sis ^_~
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@MasriDaniela Aw, so lucky. I'm sure it's a beautiful sight. Miss you!
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@YinofYang miss u tooo sis ^_~ see yeah soon sis
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