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Hello, Suki here, with Minsu Monday! Welcome ! I will bringing you Boys Republic, Kim Min-su.
Birth Name: Kim Min-su (김민수)
Stage Name: Minsu (민수)
Birthday: April 15, 1993
Height: 175 cm (5'7")
Weight: 55kg (121 lbs.)
Bloodtype: O
Position: rapper, dancer, choreographer representative
Before he debut with Boys Republic he did intense training as a member of Universal Music. He trained with them for 2 years before joining Boys Republic.
Hobby: skateboarding
Favorite Artist: Zion. T
Favorite Song: If You Turn Your Memory Book by Lee Sun-hee
His favorite food is ramen and udon noodles. He really loves them.
괜찮다! I will move on so you can eat your noodles. Aish.
His Nickname is Vampire Minsu.
He hates worms, rainy days and scary things such as ghosts.
He is the clumsiest of all the members.
In the dorm he is the one who cleans the toliets. That would be an interesting job.
He forgets where he leaves his cellphone all the time.
His favorite super hero is Batman.
LOL, can you see him as Batman. He would make a cute batman. Hehe!

Did you know that he memorizes 50 Japanese words every morning. I call that dedication on learning a new language.
Did you know that in 2016, Minsu had to get stitches on his head due to hitting the ceiling when he was practicing the choregraphy for their comeback single. He received 5 stitches and continued on with the promoting the comeback with the other members. What a trooper!
Well this comes to the end of this weeks Minsu Monday, hope you will join me again next week. Till then, stay Royal!

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Omg I read that as 'His favorite superhero is Bambam' oh gosh
@SerenaArthurs Lol that would be something. I wonder how Bambam would feel.
I love your card ❤