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....Yeah, I Wrote More Ships Even Tho I Promised I Wouldn't Make Anymore....

sorry if your ship isn't here... I just wrote my top ones from BTS... no hard feelings leh


❤⭐Namjoon × Seokjin⭐❤

Jin: *happily skipping into the kitchen where Namjoon is* "I Love Food~"

Namjoon: *misheard* "I Love You Too"

Jin: "What?"

Namjoon: "Huh...?"

Both: "...Say What....?"



❤⭐Jungkook × Jimin⭐❤

Jimin: *clinging to Jungkook's leg* "No~ Don't Leave Me Please~!"

Jungkook: "I'm Sorry, I Have To Go... I'll Be Back Soon.."

Jimin: *in tears* "But... But I Love You..."

[Yoongi & Hoseok Watching This Unfold In The Background]

Hoseok: "Isn't Jungkook Just Going To The Store...?"

Yoongi: "Yeah.."

Hoseok: "How Long Are They Gonna Keep This Up?"

Yoongi: "I Don't Even Know... But I'm Hungry AF, So They Better Make This Quick..."


❤⭐Taehyung × Jungkook⭐❤

Jungkook: "Babe, I'm Sorry..."

Taehyung: *has his back turned towards Kookie* "I Don't Wanna Hear It..."

Jungkook: "I Didn't Mean To Do It... It Just Happened"

Taehyung: *pouts* "I Don't Have Time For Your Excuses"

Jungkook: *sighs* "I'll Let You Win The Next Round Of Overwatch... Will That Make You Feel Better?"


Taehyung: *still pouting* "...Yeah..."
A/N: how did I think of something so adorable?? iM SOFT SOMEONE COMFORT ME-


❤⭐Yoongi × Hoseok⭐❤

Hoseok: *serious* "I Think We're More Than Just Friends"

Yoongi: *confused* "I'm Aware Of That..."

Hoseok: *suddenly smiling brightly* "I Think We're Soulmates & Should Get Married~"

Yoongi: "Oh"

Yoongi: [On The Inside] "oH MY F*CKING GAWDDDDDD-"
A/N: I'm so cheesy xD


❤⭐Namjoon × Seokjin⭐❤

Namjoon: *teasing* "How Much Do You Love Me?"

Jin: *blushing & smiling shyly* "Why Are You Asking That All Of A Sudden?"

Namjoon: "I Just Wanted To Know~"

Jin: *still blushing* "More Than Anything"

Namjoon: "Even More Than Food & Cooking?"

Jin: *blushing & smiling cancelled* "Know Your Limits...."

[Seokjin Walks Away]

Namjoon: "....But...."
A/N: I laughed way too hard writing this xD omfg


❤⭐Yoongi × Jimin⭐❤

[Jimin Squatting Down, Pouting]

Jimin: "I'm Tired Of It, You Always Tease Me... Calling Me A Piece Of Mochi.."

Yoongi: "But You're Not Just Any Piece Of Mochi"

[Jimin Looks Up At Yoongi]

Jimin: "I'm Not...?"

Yoongi: "You're My Piece Of Mochi"



Honestly... How Did I Not Throw Up Rainbows & Skittles After Writing These xD

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lol Namjoon asking Jin if he loves him more than food. 😂 love these thank you for making my day
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