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Wassup guys!!!!! Kim here with a lot of info about to get thrown at ya. I do want to apologize for not being as active the past week. (my schedule did a complete 180 and is about to do another 180 for the next two weeks) I know I'm behind on letting everyone know what the mod support and I got going on, so here's our weekly schedule!!!!

Sunday: ELF of the Week
Monday: MCM (Man Crush Monday)
Tuesday: Favorite MV
Wednesday: Sub-Unit Focus
Thurday: ThrowBack Thursday
Friday: Game Day
Saturday: Freebie Day (Whatever you want to post)

We are also doing spotlight on our fav members as well too, so look out for those!!!!

Now in our mist, we have a birthday coming up (Zhoumi), so we have some days starting April 17-19 that we will be doing some special things!!!!!

And also, our own Yesung is getting ready to release his 2nd mini album. We got a week long theme planned for him as well as we look forward to his album!!!!!!!

I hope you guys help participate in our two special events and we also hope you also participate in our daily cards too. (It helps on who's ELF of the Week) Catch you all in the next card!!!!!!!

Tagging my lovely ELF Reps:
Tagging my ELF Buds:

This is the Super Junior "Sapphire Ocean" tag list. It will only be used by our ELF Reps :)
Please leave a comment saying if you want to be added to this list, any name changes or if you wish to be taken off the list. One of our ELF Reps will reply to your comment! Changes will occur from next card on!!!!!

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What an exciting few weeks!
Tell me about it!!! I'm excited though