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Hello Topp Klass, it Suki here! I am back with another.........
Before debutting and joining Topp Dogg, HoJoon was in a show called Big Brothers' BIGSTAR SHOW. During this predebut, he won several dance compitions. He was also a back up dancer for EVoL from March-April 2013 for EVoL song "Get Up", and appeared on M Count Down.
HoJoon said the most trouble he got into was when he told his parents that he wanted to become a singer. I guess he was not in that musch trouble since he has now joined Topp Dogg. Hehe.
In the dorms for Topp Dogg, HoJoon shares a room with B-Joo and Hansol. He is also known as the fashionista of all the members.
Aside from doing solo parts with Topp Dogg, HoJoon did his first solo for an OST. The title of the song is "Back Then", and is from the drama "Come Back Mister". By the way that was a great drama and HoJoon did an great singing on that OST.
I hope that you have enjoyed learning more about HoJoon. Oh, I have a bonus and I will have to say this was an EXCELLENT cover of Justin Bieber's song "Love Yourself". His voice made me want to get this song, just to hear him sing it. Ummm, I wonder how I can change it to HoJoon voice. I will have to work on that. I hope you enjoy and check out this song. Until next time, stay Klassy!

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Omg! He did an awesome job on that cover! ❤
I liked it too. He did really good.