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definition from google...

Now that we covered the definition of fantasy most people automatically think about unicorns, werewolvers, fairies, aliens
especially when talking about shows. we think the obivious . well instead of covering the obvious I want to cover the not so obvious; time traveling, communicating with spirits, superhuman strength, mermaids, just the unexplainable and unimaginable but kdramas make it happen.

here is my list of fantasy dramas worth checking out

what I am watching...

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon- this had me laughing, crying, laughing, and cheering. The main characters are so adorable, cheesy, funny and really lateable. The lead female Bong Soon (Park Bo Young) comes from a long line of females born into her family with Super human strength due to a good seed done by an ancestor that helped save the nation. She needs to use her power for good or she will lose it. At the beginning of the series she's in love with her beat friend gook du (Jisoo) but he one day says he likes a girl that can he protect that comes across as tiny and week so then bong soon keeps her power a secret from him. one day she is caught using her power to protect kindergarten by her soon to become boss ahn min hyuk (Park hyungsik) who instantly falls for her. in bing soon neighborhood a woman gets murder and then kidnapping starts to happen to women. one day her best friend is targeted and she uses her power against the serial kidnapper#killer which begins a game of cat and mouse. it is a great show. I give it an 8/10 and it just finished so you can marathon it.

tomorrow with you- is another one I'm watching. I'm on episode 10. it is about time traveler So joon; who is a millionaire real estate investment broker, and Song MA rin; once a child actress but now a down on her luck photographer. So Joon happened to travel to the futue and saw it want exactly what he was hoping for. he comes back to the present and ends up saving song ma rin; and he starts to court her for the sole purpose of making his future better. he ends up falling in love with her but their future isn't turning out to be happy one. he keeps going into the future trying to figure out how to fix it and he ends up falling in loved and somewhere along the way he gets lost in time...

I'm on episode 10 right now. it is interesting and so far it is a solid 8/10

ones I recommend...

Sweden Laundry- So funny grandma leaves her fav grandkid money to start up a dry cleaners catch is each article of clothing has a problem that the female characyer needs to help with or she won't be able to help her grandma move on to the next life or be able to accomplish her dream. the clothing and excapdes that happens is hilarious.

Moorim High School- magic, martial arts and protecting the world from evil even if it happens to be your family. 9/10
Dream Knight- got7 as your knights trying to help your dream come true...yes please...only thing is please don't fall in love because you may become sad once your dream is fulfilled... I still continue to hope for another season lol....8/10

What are some you recommend? What ones ate you watching right now?

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Thanks for the tips . I have seen The strong woman Do Bong Soon but thereare few that I have been stalling whether to watch or not . Now I am sure to watch all of them. Actually I love these kind of genres .Thanks !
I'm loving Strong Woman . its so hilarious😂 How about Mirror Witch. That was a good fantasy drama.
These are some great dramas. I have watched some, some I have not. Adding those to my list.
I finished Strong Woman Do Bong Soon last night and I absolutely loved the whole thing. The ending was super satisfying! I've also seen Dream Knight from this list although GOT7 is my UB group, Dream Knight was pretty forgettable.