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Day 15 | Alarm

I gave everyone a hug as they left. No one was able to predict what was going to happen on their trip and it was better to say our good-byes now then never being able to say them, right?

It was hard not to cry, watching them drive off. I just prayed that everything would be okay and that they would all come back this time. 

They were hoping to be back again by night as the two places they wanted to check out weren't too far from where we were. The goal was to get gas, food, and maybe even some more ammo. Even just finding one of those things would be great but this was another rule of the apocalypse.

Rule Number 10 - Resources are few and far between

As soon as it is the end of the world, everyone tries to grab what they can and go into hiding. This resulted in stores being broken into, places being ransacked, and that left the survivors with basically nothing. 

The places with resources would either already be gone or most likely filled to the brim with walkers already. It was only very rarely that they would come across a place that would be untouched.

Luckily the places they chose were away from the city and in more rural areas so the chance of finding something was definitely higher. 

Krystal, Bomi, Jung-Yoon, and I stayed busy during the day. We washed some clothes as we barely had since we got there, we ate a little, played some games, and even practiced. It was scary to say but Bomi was getting really good with her knife. Like terrifyingly good. At least she could protect herself if it came to it, I thought.

Night came quickly and the group was still not back. It was like this last time - the waiting, the arrival, the devastating news - and I was feeling the same anxiousness. Maybe they just found a great store and they have so much to grab it is taking a while, I hoped.

At this moment, we were inside, waiting for the rest of them to arrive when suddenly the alarm went off. It startled all of us, hearing the frightening clanking of the cans. We all rushed over to the window to see a few walkers trying to get over the wire. 

"Aish," I cursed under my breath, not wanting to deal with these things tonight. Krystal and I left Bomi and Jung-Yoon inside to go and deal with them.

There was 3 in total, one in the front and one on each side of the front of the house. 

I headed straight to the one that rang the alarm, hearing it gasp and groan as it tried to move. As I neared it, the raspy sounds got louder, most likely excited at seeing potential food. Disgusted, I stared at the walker, noticing that it's face was half gone. It was gross, being able to see the inside of the mouth and the socket under it's eye. I wanted to hurl at the sight but I refrained myself.

Instead, I took the knife I brought with me and put the thing out of it's misery. The knife quickly left a mark in it's head as I stabbed it. I turned over to see Krystal taking care of the one to the left. I glanced over to notice that the last one had gotten closer to the house. 

I walked over and did the same thing, ending it's life. It was still weird, killing these things that looked like people but it was either us or them. And no way was I going to let it be us. 

Krystal and I gathered up the corpses and placed them in the mass grave we had dug a few days ago. We thought that it was better than nothing for the things that used to be people. It was like they were resting in peace after all. 

Krystal and I started to head back inside when the alarm went off once more. We were both taken by surprise. This is the most the alarm has gone off in a long time. The sound rang from the back, echoing into the night. We grasped onto our knifes once more and headed towards the sound only to be frightened by it ringing again. And again. And again. 

This was when we started to panic. And when we got to the back of the cabin we were met with our worst fear. There wasn't just one walker or two. Not even a small amount that we could deal with slowly. It was something that I had never hoped to see in my life.

A zombie herd. 


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