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Zipping his bag, Jungkook grabbed the handles with one hand and his plane ticket in the other. Tip toing around the dorm he was so quiet that no one knew that the door was opened and closed. Of course, everyone was asleep since it was four in the morning. Today was the opening of the Spring Show, and deep down Jungkook was thinking that something bad was going to happen.
He didn’t know what, but it was a feeling and a feeling he didn’t like. Walking off the lift and to the parking garage, Jungkook drove an hour to the airport barley giving him enough time to check in, go through security, and finding his gate before takeoff. The two and half hours Jungkook slept so he was fully rested and ready for battle if there was a need for. He couldn’t help, but think before he was sound asleep about a few days ago when he walked into her store.
That day he wanted to surprise her. For some unknown reason, he felt the need to be around her. Though his need turned into wanting to protect her when he saw that man standing in her office. He heard about the man who was in her office, was going to be at the Spring Show. Jungkook didn’t think when he walked in saying something about coffee and then being called a kid. Jungkook wanted to hit her ex, but he didn’t want to cause anything that would make trouble for Ji Su. Not only that, but calling himself her boyfriend shocked him more than it did her.
What pained him the most was when they walked out and she started to ask questions about what would happen if the lie of him bring her boyfriend would create more lies. The one question the hurt the worse was when she asked if he was falling for her. He wanted to say yes, but he wasn’t sure if he truly was. Dreaming of her hurt face woke him up and he heard the captain notify that they were going to be landing. Jungkook looked out the window to see the sun appearing, but still hiding. After a few minutes the plane landed and Jungkook was on his way to Ji Su’s hotel. The drive didn’t take him long since there wasn’t a lot of traffic. When he arrived, he went to the front desk asking which room Ji Su was in. The young lady who was working told him that they couldn’t give out any personal information.
“Look I am one of her assistants and she called me this morning asking me to bring her the supplies that she needs for the Spring Show. You don’t have to call her because I am sure she fell asleep after we spoke. If you just tell me where her room is I would be very grateful.” Jungkook told the young lady and added his flirtatious bunny smile. Somehow it worked and he was headed to the 6th floor. Room 616 was at the end of one hallway and Jungkook went to the other way. He felt like an idiot getting lost trying to find her room.
Finally, he stood at her door face to face with a very tried Ji Su. Jungkook bit his bottom lip and smirk with what he saw in front of him. Hair in a messy bun, oversize white t-shirt hanging off her left shoulder, and a very sexy glare coming from her.
“Leave.” Was all she said before closing the door on him. Lucky, he was in before the door closed.
“Yea um I’m here and the ticket was nonrefundable.” He told her with her back facing him.
“I hate you.” She walked over to the bed and climbed in. He was liking this side of her. Ji Su all sleepy and not knowing what she was saying. He liked it very much. Jungkook put his bag down next hers noticing papers with sketches all over the place with color pencils on top of the sketches, on the floor, or on the couch. He walked over to the side she was on. She was lying there wide awake looking at the clock, 8:45 in the morning. She sat up and threw a pillow at him.
“What was that for?” he asked catching the pillow and a chuckle escaping from him.
“For waking me up before I was ready too.” She grumbled laying down looking up. Ji Su was refusing to even look at him. She planned to be up at 10, have breakfast with Mi Sun, come back to her room and get ready for part one of tonight’s show. She felt him sit on the bed looking at her. She glared at him while continued to give her that damn evil bunny smile.
“Can’t I say that I missed you?” He said with a cheesy grin which made her laugh. She covered her face while she was laughing. Jungkook laughed with her grabbing one of her hands to hold in his. “So, what are you working on over there?” He asked nodding his head towards the couch, when they both calmed down. Ji Su sat up wiping the tears from laughing and looking at Jungkook.
“I was coming up with a new line. This summer there is going to be another show. However, I need come up with a whole new line along with finding my own models. The event it for a whole week and each day there is a different show with other designers. It’s stressful but worth it.” Ji Su explained to Jungkook who just listened to her. He liked hearing about something she was passion about. That was his motto, living without passion is like being dead.
“So, when is the show tonight?” He asked playing with her fingers. “Part one of the show is to show off one out of the two pieces that you bring. Tonight, is to show off Spring. Tomorrow is Black & White on a Spring night.” She told him watching him liking the way he was playing with her fingers.
“Are you modeling your pieces?” He asked noticing pencil smudges all over her hands.
“No, they are providing models. Most of the time they are new and have yet to walk. One of the reasons why I love the Spring Show. They give upcoming models a chance to start small and then work their way up. Plus, this show also gives new designers to show their work.” Jungkook looked up to see her smile a small and simple smile. There was something on her mind and as much as he wanted to ask her he didn’t want to push it.
Jungkook stood up and then leaned down to peck her on the lips. He smirked when leaned away to see her shocked face.
“W-w-what was that for?!” She asked frantic. Sure, she loved the feel of his lips on hers and all over, but kissing her out of the blue was unlike him.
“Well if he is here then we have to act like we are dating. From the look on his face a few days ago read that he didn’t believe me. So how about you go and get dressed for the day then we’ll go and get something to eat.”
“Ji Su if we do this he will back off. I don’t get why he first has you met him at the café and then shows up just to tell you he is going to be here.” Jungkook explained to her. He wasn’t mad he was just trying to tell her that she can’t have her ex control her.
“I know that Jungkook,” She started to say as she was getting out of bed. “but what will we tell Mi Sun on why you are here and at my side. Also, I can’t go and have breakfast with you when I already promised my best friend that I would join her.” She exclaimed before walking over to her suitcase to find something to wear.
Jungkook walked over to her placing his hand over hers. She stopped and turned to face him. Ji Su saw him holding something by his face. It was the sketch of the suit jacket with butterflies. He watched her eyes go wide before reaching up to grab it. She didn’t have much luck as he raised his arm to where she wasn’t able to reach
“You know this man on this sketch looks a lot like me. I really like how I look with the butterfly suit jacket.” Jungkook was teasing her and he liked how pissed she was.
“This is not funny Jungkook. Just because I’m short and you are way taller than me doesn’t mean that you can tease me by holding my sketch hostage.” She jumped in hopes of reaching it again her luck wasn’t on her side. He chuckled to see her struggle to the point of backing him to the bed and he fell back. Her hand grabbed a hold of it but he wasn’t going to let her have it so easily.
“I like this very much. You on top of me while I’m lying on the bed.” He bit his lip while smirking at her and giving her a wink. Ji Su smirked back she straddled him before leaning down to kiss him. His free hand went to her hip squeezing it when she bit his lip. The hand that was holding her sketch was loose enough for her to grab it. When she retrieves it, she broke the kiss, and started to get off him only to be rolled on her back.
“That was well played.” He said hovering over her with his face less than an inch away. His left hand traced her jawline.
“I have to get ready for the day Jungkook.” “We have time before you have to get dressed and have breakfast.”
“Not now.” When she said that he moved his left hand down her collarbone, down the center of her chest, tracing her right breast through her shirt. “Jungkoo...I mean it...” Ji Su was having a hard time fighting the urge to letting him continue and putting her foot down to stopping him. Jungkook leaned down and pressed him lips on the base of her throat moving up stopping to nibble and sucking creating a mark. He looked up to see her face all red and a glare. He smirked while getting off her.
“That sketch can be our cover with Mi Sun. We just tell her that I came here to help with the measurements. As for the show I am there to see how things work.” He told her walking over to the balcony.
Ji Su stuck her tongue out at him before getting up and grabbing a white sweater, blue jeans, and a pair of heels. Jungkook looked out on the balcony seeing the ocean and feeling ocean breeze. He heard her walk out with those heels of hers. He turned to look at her. Her hair was in natural waves, with little to none makeup on and her outfit was simple. She looked beautiful, but not compared to the night they meet and a few hours ago.
“So, are you really willing to spread lies to my best friend and your hyungs?” She asked looking away from him to look at the calm ocean.
“About why I am here or about me telling your ex that were dating?” He leaned against the rail still looking at her.
“Both.” Ji Su continued to look out trying to not show how worried she was. Her hands curled the rail. Jungkook took a step towards her and placed his hand on hers. He felt her relax.
“This is what we will do. I will tell everyone that I meet up with some of my friends from high school. We all decided to travel to Jeju for the weekend to catch up. My friends ended up ditching me. I found out that we were staying in the same hotel. That is how you asked me to help with the men’s line you’ve been working on. The dating lie can wait until we are ready to share.” Ji Su looked at him and then looked away.
She was already keeping a secret about Jungkook and her whatever the relationship that they shared was called. She didn’t know why she was scared for Mi Sun to find out along with Jungkook’s hyungs. She knew that those boys still see him as an innocent boy they knew and love. It would shock their world when they find out that he is not as innocent they believe he is. For Mi Sun, she was afraid that this would affect her relationship with Jin.
“Let’s go with that and play it from there.” She told him before walking back in.
Jungkook sat in front of Mi Sun. Her glare was worse than Ji Su’s was this morning. Ji Su was conversing with another designer on the other side of the café within the hotel. Jungkook was hoping that Ji Su would comeback. There was something about Mi Sun that scared him.
“So, you are helping her with the men’s line?’ Mi Sun asked still glaring.
“Why are you really here?” She wasn’t convinced seeing how he looked at Ji Su. She knew there was something more.
“Mi Sun-”
“Noona, I was here with a group of friends and I lost them so I ran into Ji Su. That was when she asked me to help her with something. Without hesitation, I agreed to help her.” he was lying through his teeth and he was hoping that this would be the last time he had to explain on why he was here.
Mi Sun looked at him before turning her gaze to Ji Su who was still talking. She looked back at Jungkook who looked like he was going to piss himself. Good be scared little man. If you hurt Ji Su you will have to answer to me and I don’t care how Jin oppa will react. Mi Sun thought while grabbing her cup of tea.
“Do you like her?” She asked taking a sip of her tea. She was watching for any facial expression from him and received nothing. He was good at holding his emotions in.
“Noona, even I did I wouldn’t go after her when she just had her heart broken.” Jungkook gave her his famous bunny smile in hopes that would lose her glare.
“Listen, Ji Su is like a sister to me. I am her only family that she can turn to when things go down. I have known her for ten years and I am very protective of her. If you hurt her I will not hesitate to come after you. I don’t care what Jin and those boys would do you or me.” With that said Mi Sun stood up and walked over to Ji Su.
Jungkook released his breath that he apparently was holding the whole time. He looked over to see Ji Su walk over with Mi Sun at her side. They were discussing about the show and when the afternoon showed up Ji Su said goodbye to both Jungkook and Mi Sun. Jungkook was confused on why she was leaving until Mi Sun told him where she was going. Mi Sun had to drag Jungkook out before he followed Ji Su.
He and Mi Sun sat in one of the seats by the catwalk. Mi Sun was texting away while Jungkook was looking around. He caught Mi Sun standing up and walk away. When she was out of sight Jungkook’s phone buzzed. Looking at the caller ID, he hesitated to answer.
“I know that you are not the baby within our family anymore but I still need you to tell me where you are at.” Jin going all mother hen on him right when he answered. Mi Sun just rated him out and he couldn’t really be pissed at her if she was going to his is futured sister in law.
“Sorry it was late at night and you all were in bed when I left. Since I haven’t seen my old friends, we all thought it would be great to spend a weekend to catch up. Though they ended up ditching me and I was thankful to find Ji Su.” He felt sick for lying, but what else was he supposed to say.
“Alright just next time-”
“I know I let you know hyung. I better go.” Jungkook hung up when Mi Sun walked back in. “You’re pretty skilled there noona.” He told her when she sat down.
She gave him a smile before turning around to face the stage. Jungkook looked around to see if Ji Su’s ex was going to show and he continued to look for him when the show was about to start. The MC walked out welcoming everyone to the first night of the Spring Show. He told them how many designs they would see and that they should keep their eyes glued if they find anything interesting.
When the show started, the MC announced what piece they were seeing and the went on for two hours and when the show was almost over, Ji Su’s piece was announced. The model walked out with a yellow simple modern French style spring dance. Mi Sun took photos as the model walking down and then back showing all sides of the dress. It was hard for Jungkook to describe the dress since he wasn’t big into fashion. However, he was amazed of the style choice the Ji Su chose was very eye catching. Soon the show was over and every model and the designers walked out clapping for the first night a success.
Mi Sun told Jungkook to follow her as they walked to where Ji Su was at. When they found, Ji Su, she was talking with a man about business, and he her gave his business card. As soon as the man walked away, Mi Sun ran up to Ji Su hugging her.
“OMG that was awesome and the dress was gorgeous as usual, but I have to say the dress was the best out of a good chunk of these.” Ji Su smiled as Mi Sun praised her. Ji Su looked behind Mi Sun to Jungkook who standing there with a sweet smile on his face.
Ji Su smiled back and felt her heart rapidly beat and her stomach do flip flops. She knew this feeling and wasn’t sure how long she would hide this feeling of falling for Jungkook.

here is the dress that was shown in the first night of the Spring Show

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