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“I still can’t believe that you want to spend all day with me on your day off.” You walked hand in hand with Hanbin as he smirked at you.

“Believe it, it is going to happen.” He squeezed your hands gently as he walked with you down the sidewalk to the cafe on the corner.

Opening the door for you, the sweet, warm smell of coffee and tea hung in the air as you waited for Hanbin before standing in line to order. Looking over your choices you decided on one of your favorites as Hanbin chose one for him as well. Stepping up to the counter, you ordered for yourself and looked at Hanbin as he ordered for himself as well. Starting to work on your drinks you found a table for two in the corner of the store.

“I wish you wouldn’t do that.” He said as he played with a wrapper between his fingers.

“Do what?” You looked at him confused at to what you had done.

“Can’t I order for you?” He looked up from his fingers as your eyes got wide.

“I-I just thought tha-” You got cut off as the waitress brought over your drinks in tall mugs.

“Thank you, enjoy your drink.” She bowed as she headed back to work.

Wrapping your frozen hands around the warm cup, you watched the steam dissipate into the air above. The jingling of the door bell, tore your eyes away from your drink as you sipped it as the new costumers were looking around. 

“What were you saying _______-ah?” Hanbin asked as you looked back at him.

“I just don’t want to have you do everything for me.” You said shyly into your cup as you took a sip.

“But what if I want to?” He asked wanting to be the Oppa type of boyfriend, when actually he was the youngest. 

“Do you want to?” You asked as his eyes rose to the men that surrounded you. Looking over your shoulder, your eyes rose to the men as you became scared. 

“Ah, what a cute couple, a noona and her boyfriend.” A guy said as he turned a chair around and sat down with his hands resting on the back of the chair. Taking your cup he sipped it happily as he then pushed it back over to you.

“Lets just get out of here jagi.” Hanbin stood up and left a tip on the table as he stood next to you, you stood up as the other guys moved around you.

“Just leave us alone.” You pleaded looking at the leader as he smirked at you.

“You think that I will let you off the hook that easily?” He stood up as he walked up to you as your knees shook.

“Y-Yes.” You squeaked out looking up into his eyes. His cold eyes held yours as he moved closer to you. Hanbin looked at him with disgust as his fist tightened. 

“Just leave before there is any trouble.” Hanbin threatened as you looked at your boyfriend.

“Who’s going to start the trouble?” He asked as he looked around the place where all of the other costumers had cleared out. “You?”

“Yes.” Hanbin, held his ground as you got pushed aside and in between the other members.

“Come get me then, or I might just take out my money on her.” He licked his lips at you as Hanbin threw a punch and left the leader on the ground. Throwing a couple more punches he knocked the other guys out cold and grabbed you by the hand as he took out some money and apologized for the mess and disturbing their store.

Pulling you out of the store, both of you ran back home, happy to be home safe.

“I could have handled myself.” You said as you sat on his couch.

“I didn’t want you to.” Hanbin said as he hung up your coat and his.

“Why?” You were now curious why he was going against you all of a sudden.

“I don’t think that a girl should have to defend herself when she has a boyfriend to do that for her.” He said as he sat on the couch next to you.

“I shouldn’t have you do that though. You are too young.” You pet his hair gently as he closed his eyes and finally lost it.

“I am not too young. I am old enough you protect you, old enough to be your boyfriend, old
enough to love you. Stop saying that I am too young because I am not too young. I want to be the boyfriend that you run to when you have a bad day, the boyfriend that you cuddle up to when you are scared, the boyfriend that protects you when you are in danger, the boyfriend that spoils his girl, the boyfriend that looks after her when she is sick. I want to be that boyfriend.” He looked you in the eyes as you retracted your hand from his hair.

“I’m sorry.” Is all you could manage to say when you finally see that you had been treating you like a little brother, not a boyfriend.

“I want to act like your Oppa so I don’t loose you.” He set his hand on your cheek as he was genuine and sincere about everything that he had said.

“You won’t loose me and I will try to treat you like my Oppa boyfriend.” You rested your head on his shoulder as your arms snaked around him.

“I love you.” He whispered as his arm rested on your hip

“I love you too.” You mumbled against his shoulder as he wrapped a blanket around you, as you two cuddled for the rest of the night.