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The convenience store again. Same situation where ES is resting her head on the table, and YD sits down in front of her with his ramen. YD kicks the table several times- “Why do you always sleep in places like this, making me want to protect you?” ES pretends she is still sleeping. YD’s phone rings. It is Tan. He asks, “Is your ramen tasty?” Tan shows up across the street of the store. He sees ES and YD together. YD: do you want ramen. T: do you think I am happy to see you? YD: I will connect you to the person you are happy to see. YD kicks the table more. ES pretends to just wake up. Tan asks YD: what are you two doing? ES asks the same thing about YD and Tan, after noticing Tan across the street. YD invites Tan over. Tan says he has no reason to go over. He warns YD to not do bad things in this neighborhood. YD tells ES to go chase after Tan. ES says she didn’t come to meet tan. YD: Then this is coincidence? ES: Did you and I agree to meet either?