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A/n:Quick chapter ~3:45 am~ My alarm began going off waking me up.3:45 came around too fast.Honestly it feels like it should be midnight,but at least I have a 13+ hour flight to sleep on. Mom had us up late last night helping her finish packing.Dad and her were too busy to even start packing.I'm starting to think this why they had 3 kids. So we do stuff she doesn't want to do or doesn't have time to get to.
I walked to the hall bathroom and luckily no one is occupying the bathroom. I turned on the shower letting the water warm up heat up as I undressed. I stepped in letting the water hit my face helping me to wake up.I did my shower routine and got out wrapping a towel around my body. I quietly walked into my old bedroom not to wake Gio at the moment and changed into some comfy plane clothes. "Gio..Giovanni.Time to wake up."I said gently shaking him. "No."He said rolling away from me. "Gio." "No Mommy." "Park JeHan.You need to get up.We have a plane to catch."I said sitting him up. He just fell back onto the bed with his eyes still closed. I give up.i headed downstairs to grab some breakfast only to see the two faces I didn't want to see this early in the morning.if you guessed Jay and Yuna. You are right! "Morning everyone."I said grabbing an orange juice from the fridge. "Morning.Where's Gio?"Jay asked. "Kid won't wake up." "I got it."Jay said going upstairs. "I'll help."Yuna said about to try and follow him. "Maybe you can help me with something."Amerie said leading her out of the kitchen. Big sis coming in clutch.
(The video repeats after the first set of who said that) "Mom!"I yelled wondering where she was. "Why are you telling?"Mom said coming downstairs. "Are they coming with us to Busan?"I asked kinda whispering. "Yes." "Why?" "Because Jay is family." "Who said that?" I asked using my ATL Housewives impersonation. "Go help your father.You're annoying me." "Yes mom."
I walked out to the garage seeing Dad loading the suitcases. "Morning Appa." "Morning.Here help me figure this out."Dad said pulling a suitcase out. Is he having that much of a hard time? I walked over seeing all the suitcases we had.Damn you would think we were almost staying for a month. "Are we all going to cram inside this car?" "No.Romeo and Lauren are meeting us at the airport." "Oh ok." "Mom already told me you don't want to go with Jay and Yuna." "Appa.I hate the girl." "First of all you don't even know the girl. We only really met her at the dinner.Second..Second.Ok there is no second.Your mom told Halmoeni that she is coming and we all know how nice she is." "Why Halmoeni.She is coming with us for a family reunion. Who's family is she apart of.Jay's. Not ours.She can fly back to Seoul while we stay in Busan." "You gotta blame Mom too." "I Do.Your wife is a mean lady." "Watch it.Both of you."Mom said coming out. "We need to start heading out.Romeo's on his way to the airport." "Ok." Everyone came into the garage and I got all the way into the back with Giovanni and the twins.Amerie and can sit next to them because I'm not. Once we got to the airport With met up with Romeo,Lauren and Faith to check in our bags and go to our gate. ~After Plane Ride~ We have landed in Busan and now we are waiting for Dad to come around with the rental car.He's taking too long since I wanna sleep. It's like 2am.Giovanni is passed out in my arms and he feels heavy. "Mom." "What Gia?" She tired too.Miss Attitude. "Where's Dad?" "Coming around I think." She said seeing a car coming up.Yay.It's Dad. Dad came out helping Romeo with our luggage into the car as I got into the back with Giovanni in my lap.I put the seatbelt around us and we are off to Grandma and Grandpa's house.
It took about 45 minutes to reach the apartment building but we made it. Time to sleep! We headed inside taking the elevator to the 6th floor. Dad led the way and he typed in the code opening the door.We took off our shoes and I think they might be asleep. I don't see anyone. We walked in more and see a note left on the fridge letting us know there's food,but im trying to sleep. I headed to the room I usually sleep in and laid Giovanni down and I grabbed a blanket laying next to him passing out. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment,❤️,📎!! Hope you enjoyed:) 💋BBMG SQUAD💋 @MarrickeJ33 @BBxGD @xroyalreisx @LocoForJiYong 💯Won Squad💯 @BBxGD @royalpandajedi @PrettieeEmm @MelissaGarza @Starbell808 @MaelstromVIP @SashaKmseoul @FromBlue2U @Namjoonsbutt SimonNation: @LiyahBoon @AlenaSegura @Airess95 @Caky @EvilGenius @IsoldaPazo @JohnEvans @SimplyAwkward @Tabili @VeronicaArtino Tag List! @EvilGenius @LizaNightshade @BrianaSmalls @AimeeH @kpopandkimchi @shellyfuentes70 @megancurrent9 @Sailynn @BekiKunstman @Annaharris1989 @AraceliJimenez @catchyacrayon @PassTheSuga @JamiMilsap @MissT615 @LinnyOk @resavalencia @3SecondsOfHope @petname83 @VatcheeAfandi99 @RebeccaLondon @twistedlove @amobigbang @lovetop @Ambie @LysetteMartinez @sarahdarwish @MelissaGarza @SatinSkies @MzDawson31508 @luna1171 @lilbr0wneyes @jessicaacosta90 @katyng52 @exolover101 @yaya12 @BreeMassey @Starbell808 @FromBlue2U @TiffanyDixon @chenisbaekasy @tiffany1922 @YviLole15 @QueenPandaBunny