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Hello everyone!!

For this week's theme we'll be showing you the beauty of the members in either black and white clothes or just in black and white!!

It's really a beautiful thing, black and white~

The weekly schedule will look like this for this week:

Sunday: Jungshin ( @CrookedShadow )
Monday: ~Free day~
Tuesday: ~Free day~
Wednesday: Minhyuk ( @Eswee )
Thursday: Jonghyun ( @Lexxcisco )
Friday: Yonghwa ( @VeronicaArtino )
Saturday: Group ( @awkwardjazzy )

I'm excited to see what the other members will bring for this week~ Black and white pictures and gifs are just ooffff!!! CX

We've also been planning a door game, that I was hoping would come out this week, but it seems it most likely will be around next week.

If things work out like I hope they will. Either way, the door game will eventually be a thing so please look forward to that~

We've also been planning to do some screenshot games soon, so please look forward to those as well~

I hope we start doing those soon, at least;;

Umm I hope that's all that I had to say;; If I missed something important than I'll be sure to post about it.

But please look forward to this week's cards, and also keep a look out for future things that we'll be doing~ I promise that they'll be fun!!

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Woo I am excited!! 😄😄
I am so excited!