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{MCM} - Magic Edition!
Today's edtion

Magic Edtion!

So i'm picking of the the guys in Fairy Tail for Man Crush Monday...

So Who do I pick?

*drum roll*

Natsu Dragnel!

His Voice actor (Todd Haberkorn) Is one of my favorite voice actors and i love watching his pannels on youtube.

So today, i'm dedicating Man Crush Monday to you Natsu

But I ship Natsu and Lucy together hehehe

Who is your Man Crush Monday? Don't forget to tag the Japanese Anime mods , They'll love to see your Man Crush Monday, Magic Edtion

My Pokemon Crew!

Please let me know if you'd like to be added or removed. Thank you!
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Lmfao I have no man crush Monday so ill just pick gildarts
4 months ago·Reply
natsu always
4 months ago·Reply
nalu the boom
4 months ago·Reply
I love natsu his my man crush on FairyTail but also Gray I just love them both so much but Natsu is first in my heart ❤️
4 months ago·Reply