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Hey guys so i have never really done this like fully or officially like this much but here it goes.
•Name~ Siohban Mutsuko Pualani Reed.
•DoB~ 09/10/1984
•Family~ Mom and uncle Tony. Dad [divorced last year] & 2 sisters one older and one younger
• Pets~ 3 dogs, 2 Chinchillas & 2 birds
•Live~ In lovely Hawaii. on the island of Oahu.
[its a lovley place just very far from everyone and other stuff.]

So how i got in to kpop was from the younger sister. The 1st songs was by DBSK/ TVXQ 》 Doushite kimi wo suki ni natte shimattandarou . Shinee 》Replay & Super Junior 》 Sorry Sorry. I was hooked on kpop since 2007 ~ 2008. 2pm was & still a favorite. Back then my UB was Nichkhun. Im so sorry Nichkhun i still love u and u r still on my list. But TOP came in and took that spot and has forever been there.
My top 10 Include

That is my top 10 in order.
i have about 60 on my bias list so yeah.
i am a multi fandom girl i throw no shade or hate towards any group. i may diss like some groups but never say it.

I am glad to have stumbled on vingle. and that i have a chance to show the love i have for kpop on here. and that i have meet some awesome people. oh and that i am a MOD for an awesome group.
ok guys bye for now till i post another card another day

Who is the last guy pictured? 😮🤓😄
@BeeTeeS that is Ikon's Bobby aka Kim Jiwon
Great Job on your intro! 😊
lol thanks. it was really long over due. i did like two others. bit not as much as this one
UMMMM you're missing someone in that top 10 of yours!! 😒😒😁😁😂😂
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@Starbell808 Lol 😂😂😂😂