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This "Kpop" Group is Such Crap

I'm sorry guys, but this is just not cool.

Basically, there is this new group called EXP Edition and its just 4 American (non-Korean) guys who want to become Kpop stars.

Why is this problematic when its totally okay for Kpop groups to try to break into the American music industry?

Well, because America has already forced so much of its culture onto Korea and basically the whole world. The American music industry is the biggest and most powerful in the world, so of COURSE everyone wants a piece of it. When people from the giant music industry try to make money off the little guys, its not cool on so many levels.

And its not even about the money, but that's the easiest one to talk about without getting into the deep complicated topic of cultural appropriation.

Basically, EXP Edition needs to back off, and I'm sure they will see zero success - even though from the teaser the song had potential if used by an actual Kpop group...

For more info: here
hey, look, a group for jayden smith to join 😂
but why thank you!
YASSSS!!! Let's send this video to Jaden with this exact same comment 😂😂😂
So nobody bite my head off but I don't see anything wrong with this. Am I going to like the group? Most likely not but we sit here and complain when Alex isn't being treated fairly in Rania. And I've seen many non Koreans on here talking about wanting to audition for major labels when they come to the US and we don't tell them it's wrong for them to want to be kpop stars. Is it weird that there are no Koreans in the group? Yes. But it's not like they're singing in English and expecting to be called kpop stars. They had to learn the language and pronunciation.
@dreemer13 they aren't living with their families in their homes. They actually uprooted themselves from New York and moved to South Korea so I'm pretty sure they're farther from their families than most trainees. I can't speak for their dedication and "hard work" because like I stated before I don't really know too much about this group but as far as "kpop beauty" and beauty standards go, that's a bit harsh. Beauty to one person might not be beauty to another. We read all of these articles on here and comment about how drastic the levels of surgeries and starvation and extreme dieting idols go through to be "beautiful " and comment how sad that is or how they should "be themselves ". You wrote the # dontwhitewashKPOP but that just contradicts what you're complaining about. According to kpop standards pale is beautiful, so you can't in one breath say that these guys don't fit the kpop beauty standards then turn and say that the standards should change. @kpopandkimchi I don't know too much about the group but the way the article makes it sound, they've been working on this for a few years. It wasn't just out of the blue. It may have started out as a joke but then maybe they grew to love kpop and Korean culture? That's just a maybe though.
@heidichiesa i think my main problem with it is, these guys can waltz into the korean music scene and regardless of level of talent or artistry, they will get a lot of attention versus the literally thousands of korean people trying to break into the industry. They might not mean to, but they are getting famous because they are white (3/4 of them) and that is the definition of white privilege. There is no reason why they cant simply sing that song in english :/ i get that people want to join the kpop industry, but when you jsut start a group like that and then get tons of funding to make videos and have a career just because you're not korean, it sort of sucks for everyone else :/
@kpopandkimchi I can totally see that aspect.
I personally thought it was kind of cool... They're working really hard and they have a dream that many of us have too. I know I have thought about how much I would like to audition for a Korean music company. I view it more as the music industry becoming more united and moving towards being open to anyone. Sure there are some weird things about this whole situation, but I don't think we should hate them for what they're doing. I mean, they've even learned Korean and are making a big effort so it's a bit unfair to hate them for doing all this. By hating on them, we're basically saying that Americans should stay in the American side of things and vise versa for Koreans. Isn't a huge dream of being an international fan for things to be equal for all fans and for the music to be accepted rather than judged based on its language and origin? Why shouldn't it be that way for the artists too?
I wouldnt go as far to say mean things. Maybe these guys are honestly into kpop, to me as long as the music is in korean and not Americanized so much then its fine. Also. everybody is mentioning the Trainee process that they didnt go through to be where they are, yet there are kpop stars who only trained a week or even less, and where scouted just for their looks as well, So yes, they did not train, but I see no bashing of the actual Koreans who barely trained.
Also, These boys had to work themselves up from 0 with barely any professional help from a korean company, which says a lot. People just need to stop focusing on the negative.
Tbh we all know they won't make it in they Korean industry, like just let them have their music and let them do them
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