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Watch the video HERE. You can see he has a notebook ready and the manager takes it before he can even get to her. The other fans are cheering because, according to other fans, this guy is notorious for being a SUPER creep towards her.

He was planning to show her this:

'If I'm lucky, I will get to date these type of women next year. But for now, please listen to what I'm saying. I concerned a lot whether if I should say this, right in front of you, right now. But anyway, Kyulkyung, you're really perfect to me. This worthless heart of mine, will keep on loving you for a long time, until you turn into this, Kyulkyung (pictures). This is my Christmas in May present for you. Kyulkyung-ah, I love you!' (Basically a rip-off of Love Actually)

He is also known on the fan cafe for spreading rumors that Pinky and him have a secret relationship:

He has written a lot of things online like how he basically wants to sleep with Pinky and all kinds of innappropriate stuff :(

Love how fast that manager jumped on his crap! Poor girls :/

Fans are so creepy!! What the heck man.
Some people are mentally unhealthy. I pray for his well being and hope he gets help.
wow that's scary
yo but what id in some possible crazy way they actually were dating.....thats all im saying imagine that