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Yesterday's ending was a HUGE cliffhanger so let's see what happens to the four of them shall we?!

Enjoyy ;)

New to the series? Or need a recap? I gotchu fam~

Day 15 | Freeze

Unconsciously, I stepped back, my heart starting to race. I glanced over to Krystal and saw the same look plastered on her face. She looked over at me as well and without any words, we both ran back into the house. We raced up the stairs and without any hesitation we locked the front door. Krystal ran to lock the back door as well, hoping that it would at least help a bit.

"W-What's going on?!" Jung-Yoon yelled, noticing how panicked we were. I turned over and saw that the two were standing, their knifes in hand. I quickly went over, placing my hands on their shoulders as Krystal started to pack up everything that she could.

"Listen," I said, trying to be as calm as I could. "We are going to try to make it to the car here in a few okay? Grab what you can and be back down in 2 minutes.  Now go!" Terrified, they listened to my orders and ran up the stairs to grab what they could.

I quickly headed over to grab the guns that were in the closet as we had kept them close to the front. I grabbed one of the duffle bags Krystal had brought over and started to pile them in. After I packed I quickly tried to write a note for when the group got back, telling them where we were headed.

Within two minutes, we had grabbed clothes, the rest of the food, and a good amount of guns. We looked out the door and realized that there were a good bunch of them out the front now. Luckily, they were only trying to get in the back, not seeming to realize that there was another way to get in. 

"Everyone stay close to me okay?" I said, glancing back to see every one of them nod their heads. "On the count of three run straight for the car. One....two....three!" I slammed the door open holding my knife out in my left hand and a pistol in my right. There were two zombies on the stair and in a blink of an eye, my knife went into the skull of one and a bullet into the other. 

As we reached the stairs, the gun brought more attention to us and the zombies started to move. One after another, they went down as Krystal and I were taking them out. Unlocking the car from a distance, I yelled for the kids to get in and turned back around to shoot some of the ones close behind us. But I didn't even think about the ones near the car.

Before I could even react I heard a scream from Bomi's direction and whipped my head around to see that a zombie had grabbed her by the foot as she was climbing into the car. Her voice pierced my ears, making me freeze. Jung-Yoon was already inside, trying to get at it with his knife.

Unable to move, I stared in horror at what happened next. Jung-Yoon finally reached the zombie before she got bit and stabbed the thing on the top of it's head. Krystal was still fighting behind me as I zoned out, terrified at what had just taken place. Out of nowhere, I was snapped back to reality when a zombie went jumping towards me, knocking me on the ground. 

Surprised, I held the thing away from me, trying to get it off. Before I even had the  chance to do anything a shot rang in the distance, making the zombie stop. I got up and looked to see Bomi holding a gun, the smoke fading out. Her face was wet with tears and she was visibly shaking. 

With enough room and no immediate danger, Krystal and I ran to the car. I hopped in the driver's seat and placed my things in the back with Jung-Yoon and Bomi.

Krystal got into the passenger's seat and after everything was closed I quickly started the car. I turned the headlights on and shifted the gear into reverse. I backed up, trying to get straight and ended up running over a few of them. After getting in line with the road, I put the car into drive and hit the gas.

We went down the road, watching the zombies and the house fade away. 

"I-Is everyone okay?" I asked, and luckily I got three nods. I sighed in relief, wondering how the hell we made it. I continued down the road, heading to the place that I had been preparing for when something like this would happen. I just hoped that the others would be able to get to it to see where we were going, I thought. 

Bomi still crying softly in the back, I looked to see Jung-Yoon holding her as she cried, wanting to comfort her. I looked over at Krystal and noticed the blood covering her clothes as she stared quietly out the window. I didn't look any better, blood all over my face once again and trying everything in my power not to break down right then and there. I gripped the steering wheel tightly, taking a deep breath and focused on the directions to where we were going.

Taehyung's farm.


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