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Hey guys its Axos, @KenyaMendoza, @sukkyongwanser, @MelissaGarza and @awkwardjazzy ________
SHADOW The Korean music video for "Shadow" was released on the group's official YouTube account on July 19, 2013. The song reached number 2 on the Gaon Digital Chart[17] and number 3 on the Billboard K-pop Hot 100.[18] The album is composed by eight tracks, four new songs, an intro, an outro and two already-released singles. All songs from the album were written and produced by Kim Tae-joo and Beast member Yong Jun-hyung. The album's cover art was created by Kim Do-ho.[19] credited source : Wikipedia Shadow information
hahaha a fiesty Tabby, 😎 I like it! For a 4th atempt at this card I really like that you put the lyrics in photos. That's a great concept
Vingle keeps deleting the lyrics so I had no choice
I love this song. This was the song that got me into loving Beast/Highlight and made me fall in love with Yoseob's amazingly unbelievable vocals. Shadow, Good Luck and 12:30 are my top favorite B2st songs πŸ˜†
Same for me. Shadow pulled me into the fandom.
Shadow is the song that pulled me down the rabbit hole and into the fandom. Both of these songs are amazing.
I have that so.g stuck in my head at work.
GREAT JOB TABBY! Despite all the difficulties, you made a great card. Great job Features Team.
Honestly I wasn't able to put most of the stuff the team found. I feel bad especially since I couldn't do the lyrics found. Vingle deleted them and then trying to copy and past them to make photos was really weird on my collage app. My app changed and I don't like it much now. I had to go find lyrics myself and copy each part separate so that I could fit them in less cards.
You did a great job!
Thank you.
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