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Jiyong reaches over and smacks Jak on the butt. “Come on, let’s go look at that apartment and move you out of here.”
She sits there glaring at him. “I can’t believe you did that.”
“Did what?” He asks, looking over his shoulder as he fixes his hair in the mirror.
She was so outraged that he just grinned and stalked back towards her. “Do I need to hit the other side? Is it feeling left out?”
“Don’t you DARE! So RUDE!” She bounces off the bed in the opposite direction, keeping her bottom facing the wall.
“Want me to rub it better? It would be my pleasure.” He states as he swaggers in her direction with a leer on his face.
“YOU. Stay over there.”
“Aww, baby… come on now.”
“No,” she states as she slides against the wall across the room to the door. “Didn’t you say we had to go?”
“You sure you don’t want to check your hair in the mirror? I’m pretty sure I messed it up for you.”
“I’ll check it in the car, I want those hands where I can see them mister…. Now.”
He laughs and steps through the door that she holds open. As she shuts it behind her back, he holds the elevator and puts on his dust mask.
She gets on and points to the other side of the elevator. “You – over there, you’re in time out.”
He obediently stands in the opposite corner with his hands folded neatly in front of him. The elevator begins to stop at each floor and more and more people get on. With each new load, Jiyong slides closer and closer to Jak. By the time they hit the 3rd floor, he’s face to face with her; his back to the crowded elevator, protecting her. He bends over, lowers his mask and whispers in her ear.
“Am I still in trouble?”
She blows the hair out of her face, hides a smile and shakes her head no. Knowing there’s a full elevator, he lowers his mask, kisses her on the neck and immediately straightens back up, mask in place. Jak looks up at him in disbelief and smacks him on the arm. The smile in his eyes tells her it didn’t even faze him.
Jak kept him at arms length all day, punishing him for his behavior in her room and on the elevator. During dinner, at her favorite hamburger place, he breaks his news.
“Remember when I told you that we have our release and promos coming up next month?”
“Yep,” she nods munching on a french fry, “Why?”
“They’ve moved the release date up to next week. I’ll be leaving for Japan in about 5 days.”
Jak takes a sip of her drink, “Okay, so what does that mean?”
He looks across the table, directly into her eyes, “That I’ll be gone for a month.”
She nods slowly and puts her drink down.
“Is there any space in your schedule that you could fly out and join me a couple of times?”
“There might be a few holes; hopefully they won’t fill up.”
He nods, “We’ll check schedules as it gets closer. Almost done?” At her nod, he grabs his drink. “Am I still in the dog house and we’re going separate ways? Or?”
She turns to him at his car “Or…. What?”
He leans in without touching her but invading her personal space, “Or do I get to hold you while I fall asleep tonight?”
She places her hand on his chest and pushes him back, then climbs into the car. “We’ll see.”
He turns once inside the car, “Where am I headed babe?”
“To your place I guess.” His eyebrows raise and she quickly adds, “We still have 3 episodes of FMA to watch.”
He nods, than shakes his head and drives off down the road.
The first episode found them sitting on opposite ends of the couch.
Jiyong raises his eyes to the ceiling, “Really?”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” she states as she pushes play.
By the second episode he can’t take it anymore.
“Jak. Get your sexy little ass over here before I smack it again.”
She pushes pause and turns on him in outrage. “You will not! These rings mean we are in a relationship, not that you have ownership. You don’t get permissions until I grant them.”
He takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. “I didn’t say I was sorry did I? Let me fix that.” He turns towards her and with all sincerity apologizes. “Babe, I had no idea you would get so upset. I was just playing. Please, can I come out of time out?”
She flips her head back and forth, pretending like she’s thinking about it. “Hmm.” She then stands up and stretches;

“Babe, you’re killing me. Can I at least hold your hand?”
She looks at him over her shoulder, than looks back at the TV. She taps her lips with her finger for a minute, turns and walks over in front of him. He looks up at her with hope and she promptly settles herself on his lap.
His eyes widen in shock; “Whoa, weren’t you just complaining about personal space?”
She leans over and runs her tongue along the V and down through III’s along his collar bone … sliding his shirt over to get it all.
“Jak…” he starts in a warning voice.
“Shhh…” is all she comments as she works her way back up and begins nibbling on one side of the angel’s wings. “I like wings, they’re tasty.”
He grabs her waist and tries to push her back. “Seriously Jak, you’re playing with fire. I haven’t touched you all day, you need to stop.”
She pulls back and looks him in the face. “Seriously Jiyong, you shouldn’t be afraid of fire. I like fire, when it suits me.”
Before her lips could touch his, he grasps her head in his hands to look deep in her eyes. “Wait, are you saying what I think you are?”
She just smiles and bites at his bottom lip.
And that's the last word heard as things catch fire.

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