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"it's really coming down hard isn't." Wonho sighed. The rain really irritated him on a deep level, not to metione that since the storm knocked the power out the had to use candles, and it was starting to get hot. "Hey wonho can i ask you a question."

"Sure what is it?"

"Do you believe in god?"

"You really do have your moments." Hyungwon just strugged it off insiting wonho to answer his question. "I don't why?" Hyungwon strugged it off again turning his head to watch the rain pour on the window.  "Do you?" "Yes i do?." it was silent for a few seconds after that, Hyungwon being the one to break the silence again. "i think i'm going to hell instead of heaven." "why?" Hyungwon turned his gaze back to wonho "Because i'm Gay." wonho was obviously visibly shocked. "what?" "I'm gay."

"so just because you're gay you think you're going to hell?" "Yes." "Bull why would you go to hell you're a nice person." "Thats not how it works wonho. being gay is a sin." wonho sat silent and then wonho spoke. "then i'm going to hell too. because if i love you and its a sin, then im guilty."  "You're an idiot." wonho laughed "Hey that's just the divinity of love." "I guess you're right."

Hyungwon and Wonho both looked out the window, "I really hate the rain," they both stated in unison before laughing.