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Happy Monday, everyone! I hope your week is starting off well! This MCM, we are highlighting our magical man crushes!

When I think magic, my mind is obviously drawn straight to Fairy Tail, where a considerable number of my man crushes reside, but I wanted to think a bit more outside the box, so the crown of my man crush for this week goes to...

Sadou Maou - The Devil is a Part-Timer

This Overlord Satan may not have much access to his magic while he's stranded in our world, but he makes it work! He's super hardworking, cute in his human form, HOT in his demon form, and ultimately a pretty cool dude! Definitely deserves a season 2! T_T
So share your magical man crush with us!
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I love him too! Sadao is just ❀❀❀
imma watch this
It's good! I still gotta check out the manga; last I checked it's still publishing...